Saturday, June 14, 2008

Home of the Brave

Brian at The Impolitic today points out what the lapdog media should have been bellowing about -- but hasn't. John McCain has told us that in the name of fear, the Supreme Court should not have upheld the principles of justice that used to be one of our main bragging points.

"Our first obligation is the safety and security of this nation and the men and women who defend it. This decision will harm our ability to do that."

said the former prisoner of war to a crowd of New Jersey admirers: this man who has made so much of having been tortured and held without regard to his human rights and who apparently has forgiven his captors for his mistreatment back when he was an "enemy combatant."

Let's be clear here. McCain is calling for activist judges in the worst sense of the word; judges who being terribly afraid of some rag-tag saboteurs taking over Casper, Wyoming will deliberately break their oath of office by breaking the law.

When the phone rings at three in the morning, do you want it answered by a snivelling coward, a fear monger, a man to whom his oath of office and the Constitution it requires him to uphold is merely a convenience to be set aside at will?


d.K. said...


I find it really bizarre that McCain's central strategy for winning in November is to showcase how he's not GWB. But every two or three days there arises an opportunity to distance himself from the nutcase currently in office, and he only confirms that he thinks the exact same way -- in both foreign policy and on domestic issues. Weird...

Chris said...

I'm not sure you could necessarily call McCain a coward, but he sure does dwell on the dark side of things... He's wrong on this issue. He's wrong on most issues. He's wrong for the country.

Capt. Fogg said...

If he's not a coward, he certainly appeals to cowardice as a proper motivation for giving up what's essentially American and replacing it with "do as we say." I don't know how many people he persuades that a couple of hundred suspects being allowed the bare essentials of a fair trial is putting our lives and liberty at risk and I don't know whether he's really afraid himself, but he sure snivels like a coward while telling us how very dangerous "the terrorists" are.

He does seem to think like Bush, but of course at this stage he's listening to what people are telling him to say and I wouldn't doubt that they are telling him "Hey, it worked for George."

Of course there never is or will be any relationship between what candidates say and then do when they are elected. Bush promised to bring dignity back to the white house, remember? He promised not to get involved in foreign wars or nation building and he promised to uphold the idea of smaller government.


Yesterday was Father's Day attended by my daughter, two grandchildren, and one stiff-armed plastic doll. When they arrived, my daughter was was undertaking orthopedic surgery on the doll to restore the functionless arm and forestall a crisis.

Later that day, the family gathered at the clubhouse pool, and I retreated to the bar in search of beer and quiet.

One of the grandkids discovered me at the bar, and left the stiff-armed pink plastic cherub on the counter. So there I am at the bar with this functionless doll next to my half-empty beer when epiphany struck ... how much this thing reminded me of John McCain. "A glass of water, please," I asked the barkeep.

When the water arrived, I put the doll head first and upside in the glass. "Cute," said the barkeep."

"Wrong on Iraq, wrong on the economy, wrong on everything. Power will go to his head, I tell you, and the damn thing isn't even anatomically correct," I said.

"Can I get you anything else?" asked the barkeep.

"No thanks," I said. "I believe I've had a enough."


P.S. Happy Fathers' Day, everyone.

Capt. Fogg said...

Stiff armed Cherub? Funny that I watched Dr. Strangelove again the other day. . .

d nova said...

thanx 4 not shying away fro the c word.

ben franklin shd've sd: those who wd giv up essential liberty 2 obtain a lil temporary safety deserve neither because they're cowards!