Thursday, July 31, 2008

The last refuge

My inbox is like a lobster trap. At night while I sleep, it's out there collecting crawly ugly things from the creepy critters that live under rocks, eat nasty stuff, pretend to be outraged at Barak Obama's obvious lack of patriotism and insist that we immediately send some infected bit of racist outrage to "everyone you know."

Today's prize winner is titled:

Obama The Patriot -
Removes American Flag From His Plane

Of course that's not quite the truth.The truth is that the airline he was using featured a flag on the tail and when his campaign leased the plane and painted his name and slogan on it, the flag was moved to the fuselage, as you can see. According to the author, this indicates gross lack of patriotism and disrespect to the flag. While it would be easy to eviscerate such an idiotic argument, perhaps I can save a thousand words with a few pictures. Look at McCain's plane. Not only no flag, it's a French airplane. That's right French! OhmyGod - ohmyGod tell everyone you know!

But wait, there's more! look at McStraightalk's tour bus. NO FLAG! Is he ashamed? Is he not a patriot? Is he a:


Send this to everyone you know before it's too late!

In a way, I should be gratified that racist right wing America can't come up with anything but this shell game, but I doubt it will backfire on them and if Obama is elected, I'm positive that his administration will face more vicious opposition from enemies domestic than any president in our history and the better he does, the worse it will get.



Move the polling booths to Germany.

d.K. said...

I'm shocked, shocked, that the McRight campaign is painting Obama as a flag dissing secret commie. When the "straight-talking" campaign replaced it's staff with the Karl Rove team, I really thought things would be different this time around, since John McCain promised it. I guess I was naive... My bad.

d.K. said...

Oops, I meant "its", not "it's"... Shows what a loser I am... LOL.

Capt. Fogg said...

I'll be shocked if this country survives in any recognizable form. The problem isn't so much with the Rovian slime volcano, but that Americans will believe anything they can be angry about. They believe in hating the government except when the government promotes a stupid war and the more stupid the better.

I used one of those new Presidential dollars yesterday and the store owner started a tantrum about "that damned Government" who took God off the dollar. When I showed him God was still there he wouldn't relent - it's just too much a part of our new "culture" to let go of.

Democracy just doesn't work with an ignorant, semi-demented rabble and that's the most flattering description of the American public I can honestly use.

What does work, unfortunately, is Fascism.