Friday, February 06, 2009

Death and Foxes

There's often some good to be found in our increasingly entropic economy -- like a pearl in a tainted oyster. I take comfort in the cosmic joke that is our mortal life; knowing that Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney and everyone at Fox News will go the way of Pol Pot, Nicolae Chaucescu and Madman Muntz in due time. But even before all the chips are cashed, it's good to know that News Corp, Rupert Murdoch's media empire and the parent company of Fox, is down by the bow and taking on water; nearly six and a half billion dollars worth of water, that is.

Blaming the grim economic situation, the obvious precursors of which the Fox fabricators have been denying for years whilst mocking the "Libs" for their warnings, Murdoch told the International Herald Tribune:
"While we anticipated a weakening, the downturn is more severe and likely longer-lasting than previously thought."

Who could have foreseen that? Well I for one and other, better prognosticators heard only dimly through the angry roar of the Fox filibusterers. Remember when Fox claimed that the robust economy was being "talked down" by "the Liberal Media" and offered statistics showing the "proof" in the fact that there was more bad economic news than good?

"We are implementing rigorous cost-cutting across all operations and reducing head count where appropriate."

said Murdoch, and of course I have a list of candidates for decapitation, but before we get to feeling smug, the bad news in the good news in the bad news, is that amidst the general Murdoch meltdown, Fox News itself reported income of $428 million, which is up $91 million from the previous year. Fox News increased its operating income by 32 percent. Is this also a reflection of a desperate America's increased thirst for lies, damn lies and hysterical hatred? I'm sure that when the statisticians stop chewing on the news, we'll find that alcohol consumption has risen by a similar amount.

In any event, I'm sure that the global meltdown will some day fade into redacted and ill remembered history, but I'm not so sure about the United States of America as we know it. America is failing, Fox News is why.

Et evasi ego solus ut nuntiarem tibi.


Baltazar said...

OK!!! decapitate Fox propaganda

Capt. Fogg said...

I wish. Half the people I know watch nothing else and believe every distorted lie and half truth.

Capt. Fogg said...

I suppose it testifies to either the insanity or the vast dishonesty of the Rabid Right, but at least one demented moron has accused the above post of advocating the murder of Rush Limbaugh.

It should boggle the mind of anyone who has a mind.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

None of this should surprise you – what students say about the paleocon who teaches at LBCC:

2/4/09 - Polit1: This man needs to teach at a Junior High School where his personal politics wont matter to the students. Avoid this class. Try another instructor or you will waste your money.

8/13/08 - polscg45N: He should not be teaching at all to a group of people. He treats class as if it was a television show of politics that was about ready to be cancelled.

8/10/08 - PoliS101: The dude is from pure loserville, he sounds like a lib, claims to be a republican, puts way too much personal anger in the class, he hates it if you disagree, will make your life miserable if you do. One of the worst professors I ever saw.

9/27/05 - int'l relations: he is a total ****. He lies and bullies students ... he even makes crap up. I had the 2nd highest A in the class and then somehow got a D! He disagreed with my opinions and then held them against me. He contradicts himself in lectures. He sucks. Don’t take him!

If the paleo-con harasses you online you, contact President Eloy Oakley at (562) 938-4122 or Executive VP of Academic Affairs Donald Berz at (562) 938-4127 and describe the harassment. For serious online abuse or defamation, there is also this option (some friends of Octopus).

Capt. Fogg said...

Thanks Octo. I'm glad to know his students appreciate him as much as I do.

I once had someone's University e-mail account revoked for some online antics - on a fine art news group, of all places - but I think this guy's career will soon be swirling down the drain all by itself.

Now watch him accuse me of threatening to drown him!