Monday, September 07, 2009

Are we at the bottom of the barrel yet?

I would never say all Republicans are psychotic, but for some reason every demented person I've encountered in recent months has traded in his voices from Neptune and instructions to kill from the neighbor's dog for pre-packaged rants from the Republican playbook.

That's OK, it gives me something to write about other than cars and boats and the sad state of the ionosphere these days, but it no longer suffices to rave about birth certificates and Marxism, it's no longer enough for people who dropped out of high school to give us their views on international finance and monetary policy or to make crude racist jokes or simply to babble incoherently about "Liberals." It's now personal.

Some wise Republican supporter spent most of last night posting comments here, using my screen name: dozens of them, going back for months. Nasty sexual comments about my family, accusations of pederasty and of course the entire RNC catechism. The kind of stuff I could easily use in a court of law if Blogger will give me the name of the tortfeasor. Of course I don't expect any Republican to step up and say "gee, that's really not what we are all about" at least not without tongue firmly implanted in cheek, because these days, that's what they are all about: libel, Bible and babble; screaming in the street.

I've had to implement comment moderation. I welcome any comments from sane and reasonable people whether I agree or not, but it must now be subject to a delay.

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