Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's all about Freedom

Yessuh, the Tea Party Right is all about freedom and keeping big government out of your private life so that big corporations can act like feudal robber barons or brown shirted beer hall bullies and do as they please to you without interference.

Take the Lizard for instance -- you know the fellow who does the voice-over for the Geico Gecko. Seems somehow he thought he had the freedom to leave a message of disapproval on the voice mail of FreedomWorks, one of those Tea Party organizations who tell you it's all about freedom while polishing their hobnail boots, cleaning the weapons and making misspelled signs.

A simple little lizard hardly has a chance against a TeaParty Tyrannosaurus and it's ability to intimidate Geico into firing him on the spot. Perhaps I shouldn't say forced, since Geico really had a choice here - just as I have a choice never to do business with them and recommend to everyone I know that they take 15 minutes to call Geico at 800-871-3000 and tell them that they just lost a potential customer. Here's your chance to be Dr. Ben Marble for a day. 15 minutes could save your country.

Retaliation -- that's what did to actor Lance Baxter. They published his phone number and asked their teabag terrorists to harass him and call his employer to demand his dismissal. Nice people! Just the kind of people you want telling you about what's wrong with America: too damned much freedom!


tnlib said...

I wouldn't do business with Geico under any event - they are a lousy company. I don't think that in the lond run this type of censorship is going to win any stars for outfits like this. We cn always hope anyway.

d nova said...

freedomworks is dick armey's group. steve forbes is on their board, 2.

i don't quite grasp the relationship between them n the tea party, but the TP doesn't appear 2 reject armey so far.

here's somebody else's take on the TP:

i pretty much agree, as u cn see:

Baltazar said...

Warren Buffet has such a great reputation,I wonder how he will handle this.

Capt. Fogg said...

Forbes, Buffet - do I think they have any particular interest in freedom and justice for all?

Are you kidding?

Capt. Fogg said...

Well FreedomJerks and their kin may be no less reprehensible, but was I fair to Geico?

You decide. I got this in my e-mail this morning:

Thank you for expressing your concerns to us. We would like you to know that the work GEICO did with D.C. Douglas (aka Lance Baxter) has not aired in over a year. The views that Mr. Douglas has expressed are his own personal views and not the views of GEICO.

Again, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know of your concerns.


David Simonton
GEICO Internet Department

d nova said...

poor geico. if i were capable of feeling sorry 4 an insurance outfit, i might 4 them, getting caught in da middle like that.

armey n forbes getting 2gether is interesting tho. recall how they both had flat tax plans in da '90s. 2 different plans, either of which would've made budget-balancing impossible.

JerryW. said...

You have to see DC Douglas' recent video attack in the guise of a Tea Party PSA! It's brilliant!!!

Capt. Fogg said...

It would be funnier if it weren't so damn sad.