Friday, October 15, 2010

Fox is Republican? That's crazy!

Well, there you have it. There is no center any more and objective reality is defined as a manifestation of insanity. Bill O'Reilly says people who think Fox News supports the Republican party are "Crazy left wing loons" because although the corporate owners are all Republicans, save those who are Saudi Royalists; because Fox stages rallies for the Tea Party, publicizes and and funds them along with Republican think tank and propaganda groups; Because Fox gives million dollar contributions to Republican candidates and nothing at all to others; because virtually all important employees there are lifelong Republicans, because much of the editorial staff have worked for Republican presidents and even such lefties as Karl Rove can and will be publicly browbeaten into supporting promising to support any and all Republican candidates including Christine O'Donnell -- only a loony would think they're Republicans. No, that's not the gutter, that's right down the center. No, that's not Thule Greenland, that's Paris. That's fair and balanced. Crazy as a Fox.

It's only another word for "you're in my way" in O'Reilly speak. So in response to President Clinton's mention that Fox's rhetoric was whipping Republicans into a "white heat" Balanced Bill replied with:
"What he's trying to do is demonize Fox as carrying the water for Republicans. That's a theme Democrats have been using for months."
Months? You sure are right on top of things Mr. O'Reilly. And of course if Democrats use it, it can't be true, because they're not fair and balanced like you: they guy whose obviously not a Republican. Demonize? Are Republicans horned and forked tongued demons then? Is that why you don't admit to it?

You're the guy that invented a story about Saginaw Michigan banning red and green because they were God hating Liberals at war with Christmas. That was five years longer ago than "months." Fox is the News Network that twisted a story about a small town using cumulative voting for village trustees into an Obama communist campaign to give extra votes to illegal aliens and disenfranchise white people.

Mr O'Reilly, you've excused every Republican action from starting a war under false pretenses, to torture, to warrantless spying, to libertine and deviate sexual excesses and called everyone who ever disagreed with your hyperbole a pin head, an idiot and insane. You're a Republican, you support Republicans exclusively and your network will punish anyone who deviates from utter devotion to any Republican candidate no matter how grotesquely unqualified. Why are you afraid to admit it?

You lie sir. You lie a lot. You're a radically extreme extremist with a total disregard for truth and Fox pays you a fortune to balance your farcical contradictions and concocted stories on your nose like a trained circus seal. You reported, the world has decided. You lie.


d nova said...

yeah, it drives me crazy, n i c i'm not alone.

Baltazar said...

It may be that fox is an arm of the repub's has changed to repub's are an arm of the rabbit chaser..

Anonymous said...

the corporate owners are all Republicans, save those who are Saudi Royalists

Capt. Fogg said...

That link does not address the fact that Fox is owned by Republicans. It says that 70% of the wealthiest politicians are Democrats. So what? Personal wealth is hardly a predictor of politics, morals, intelligence or anything else. Besides, the real wealth and the real power is in corporations and their politics, motives and level of concern for the health of our democracy are far more predictable.

It's also misleading. It states that the two most expensive places to live are heavily Democratic, yet I live in the zip code that's usually number one or two for wealth in the country and it's overwhelmingly Republican - over 90%.

So is it really psychotic to say that Fox is owned by Republicans and operates as a propaganda arm of the GOP?

I think rather that the opposite is true and Fox, if not the father of this theater of the absurd, is at least its leading playwrite. The most deliberately preposterous and absurd statements are the most difficult to refute for some reason -- and they attract the most fanatical of followers. That's why they do it.

Besides it's fun.

Capt. Fogg said...

Of course a post made by someone who calls himself "Barack Hussein blows badly is hardly a source not to be questioned."

His premise, if I may so dignify it, is that the Democratic party is the home of the wealthy elite. To those in the saddest part of the bell curve, he seems to have made a point, yet in actuality, achievement in American politics is fueled by money and for every Bill Gates, I can had you a Rupert Murdoch - or indeed a George Bush. This is all really one of those absurdities designed only to frustrate rational discussion so that the Coulters and O'Reilly's and Roves can mouth inanities like Wah Wah Wah to the giggles of the underclass they court with preposterous claims that the Democrats are "elitists." Which side, after all has fought to keep the vote for white property owning males for over two hundred years? Ever hear of Democrats intimidating conservative voters to keep them from voting? Preposterous.

Politics in general is the game of wealth and power and the days of Lincoln are long over. Following the Citizens United decision, the descent into feudalism is inevitable.