Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out, out, damned spot

I saw this clip on The Impolitic this morning: Sharron Angle having a bit of a smugfest about how Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and Ben Franklin really wanted us to have the uninfringable right to own firearms, not to facilitate raising a militia, as was stated, or to put food on the table or keep the fox out of the henhouse, but to protect us against tyrannical despots demanding to provide us with affordable health care.

To be fair, I'd like to know the rest of the sentence starting "we need to take Harry Reid out. . ." Vote him out of his elected position, or just "take him out?"

Inquiring minds want to know, but batshit crazies with their hairy ears glued to the radio don't bother to ask. They already know. One has already spoken and as in Mao's famous statement about the voice of revolution -- from the muzzle of a gun. Indeed many self styled conservatives seem to have read intensively from the little red book.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for the nonce, but although Jefferson did indeed, how literally I don't know, suggest further revolutions, one would have a hard time convincing me the system he helped design wasn't intended to facilitate that process bloodlessly and with due process of law.

The bit about guns being needed to protect against "tyranny?" to allow the minority to have bloody revenge for the actions of elected representatives? Sorry, Sharron, this is beyond the boundaries of acceptable speech and perhaps even further into the territory of treason, if fomenting armed insurrection against an elected government be such.

It recalls Henry II crying "will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?" Not exactly a demand that someone kill Thomas à Becket, but someone soon did and Hank got to wash his hands of the matter. Whether it be the king of England, the Queen of Scotland or a Prefect of Roman Judea, some bloody bastard is always seeking such cleanliness, but that damned spot usually proves rather difficult to remove.


d nova said...

almost h8 2 mention we had no 2nd amendment 1775-83, yet americans got arms n whipped brits, but w/ it johnny reb lost in 1865!

similar 4 rebels n insurgents o all kinds in many lands, win or lose, w/o 2nd amendment.

luv reference 2 blood on hands o lady macbeth n pontius pilate, but da lady cdn't get it out, while da prefect washed original blood libel on2 jews, n ironically rome eventually bcame capital o christendom.

in other words, it cn go either way. we cn't predict how it'll shake out. some won't gamble, some will.

Capt. Fogg said...

It's true - when there is a demand for weapons, they will be obtained one way or the other. Same goes for booze and drugs and gambling and prostitution and other vices I haven't though of yet. Prohibition only made non drinkers stay sober.

And yes, without whitewash, we wouldn't have a history book to read.