Thursday, July 19, 2012

The terrorists within

Perhaps now that John McCain is no longer running for president, he doesn't have to be so afraid of every little thing he says  to the point where he says and does some incredibly stupid things.  Choosing Sarah Palin, for one thing and telling us in all snarkiness that the economy is robust and those lying liberals are talking it down because they hate America or Capitalism or whatever, he made himself foolish to the point where, had he been a Democrat, Republicans would be vilifying him for the next three hundred years. 

At least and at last, he has recovered some character and a little dignity yesterday by describing the attacks by such unworthies as Michelle Nachmann and Florida  District 18 Representative Tom Rooney against Secretary of State Clinton's deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin  as having "no logic, no basis and no merit."  Abedin, of course has relatives "tied to" the Muslim Brotherhood which of course makes Clinton a "serious security concern."  It takes some kind of person -- and I use that term loosely -- to think that our Department of State shares an agenda involving "destroying Western civilization from within," as the raving Bachmann wrote and all because of some tenuous and contrived "links" with organizations somehow associated with other organizations by virtue of being Muslim with other groups who may or may not be enemies.  It's as obscenely contrived as Rooney's obsessive efforts to impeach the President for treason.

Someone watching all this from Mars might find it very amusing and probably would have found it all rather predictable that the party that since the beginning of the 20th century has manufactured support  by manufacturing enemies, would still be grasping for new evil empires to scare us with with stories of  Sharia law being instituted in New Jersey and government plots to hand the country over, now that the Communist threat seems almost ludicrous to all but the galaxies far, far away, to some grand worldwide Caliphate. They've been desperate for credible enemies since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Yes, certainly we have had some very, very real enemies, but I seem to recall that during the Rise of Hitler, the Republicans were advising us to ignore the Nazis and the Empire of Japan because of the far more important Communist threat at home.  Curiously similar to what Hitler was telling the Germans.  Most of those reading this won't remember Joe McCarthy who made a fool out himself and out of America by overplaying his hand - stuffed with blank pieces of paper claimed to be lists of Communists in the State Department and the "Jew Dominated" movie industry. It was shameful, but as with much of rewritten history, Joe is back and his lies have been whitewashed and he has become a model for such equally shameless whores as Tom Rooney and Michelle Bachmann.  Here we go again.

Indeed, since Florida has been redistricted, my Mr. Rooney will no longer be representing us and the massive support of his would be replacement, the reprehensible and disgraceful Allen West who claims that 80% of Democrats in Congress need to be deported and that Obama supports slavery, is astonishing.  How many politicians have failed by overestimating the ignorance and stupidity and gullibility of the American voter?

How is it, I have to ask, that we have a whole party, a vastly wealthy party, dedicated to terrorizing the American public out of their freedom -- until they give up their rights -- and nobody sees them as terrorists? Communists, Muslim radicals, welfare mothers and of course Liberals - anything to keep the rubes afraid and angry to the point where the real enemy can take over.

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Leslie Parsley said...

For the last two days I have been busy posting articles to Bachmann's FB page. They have included McCain's remarks, her former campaign manager's comments, and condemnation from other Republicans. I've been a bit surprised that there hasn't been more than a couple of half-baked attempts telling me what I could do with my liberal ass.

I too was impressed with McCain's remarks. I just wish he'd put his votes where his mouth is.