Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who needs Satan when we have the GOP?

Disgusting, isn't it?  So much so that I'll just let it speak for itself lest I lapse into disgusting vulgarity myself.  Suffice it to say that no one who would perpetrate this can be said to have any regard for the United States or truth of common decency.  Yes, the Romney campaign continues to explore new depths of mendacity, or at least those entities paying for the campaign do.  Yet we who find the man and his backers to be traitorous villains out to destroy our society for profit continue to be polite lest they insult us or make us cry.

Obama bowing to the Saudis? Perhaps they've forgotten this:

Or this:

Yes, That's Rumsfeld sucking up to Saddam and yes, giving him a lot of money and weapons.

So do you remember Bush's massive bailout plan where we were not to know how much went to whom?  Do you remember the largest increase in debt and the most expensive war and 8 years of zero job growth and the record breaking in the size of Federal Government.  Do you remember George W. Bush?

So are you stupid? Are you going to let them continue? Are you a damn liar or an irredeemable and deluded idiot? Or is it just to much fun to bash Obama and giggle like a Klansman at a lynching?  Do you really think a President sets international fuel prices or that the dip during the depth of the Recession perhaps had something to do with supply and demand.  You do know how Capitalism works, don't you, because it's a free market for petroleum out there. 

Are you going to listen to McCain tell the Marines to go on one last mission and vote for Romney and are you going to remember how that Gibbering jackass told us hours before the Collapse in 2008 that the economy was "robust" and blamed the rumors on "liberals" just as he blamed the high gas prices on -- you guessed it -- Barack Obama who wasn't yet elected.

No, I do not have the words to describe my contempt for any Republican, whether complicit in this sleaziest in history campaign or just stupid and bigoted enough to buy the lies. A vote for Romney is a vote to abandon America to Feudalism and Fascism and villainy.

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