Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World!!


Over and over with my old Bencher iambic paddles I kept calling CQ only to hear the hiss of interstellar noise and distant lightning crashes. Dahdidahdit dahdahdidah: CQ CQ CQ on 40 and 20 and 18. . . and never a response.  I'm the last man on Earth, or at least the last one with a radio. 

Slowly I notice that the noise sounds a lot like wind in the palm trees and mangroves and the beeping of the timer on the coffee pot down in the kitchen where my wife is making breakfast has woken me up.

The  History Channel has been running apocalyptic nonsense for the last 48 hours non stop. Mayans, Hopi, John of Patmos and Nostradumbass. End times without end.  Now maybe it'll stop and they'll have to dredge up more old legends and manuscripts and reports of signs and portents like they've been swooning over with every forest fire, earthquake, food shortage flood and epidemic  like the ones that have been occurring since a billion years before anyone or any thing took notice.

Of course it's only 66 outside and it's been very rainy for December. . . (queue the doomsday music please. . .)

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