Monday, March 04, 2013

Drivin' Miss Mambo

(with a nod to AC/DC)

Ten over, Sunday night, tryin'a get home.
clapped out beater,
all of Broward heading north.
Texas Lexus, Mommyvan,
mountain man in jacked up truck.

Heavy metal Hummer,
BMdubya runya
off the road.
look at me.
She's a fast machine but it don't matter,
you're always in their way.

She shook me all night long.

Runnin side by side and three lanes wide,
doin' 80,
can't pass me
in my beemeraudiSUV
I'm in a Scion, don't even try mon -
look at me.

She shook me all night long.

Only two miles more, before -
and there's the break I'm waiting for,
double clutching down to four.
Road is shaking, Earth is quaking
listen to that intake roar.
And hit it NOW.

Sixty five hundred
Go for broke
Watch my red ass twitch,
you sonovabitch
and watch my tires smoke.

Hundred, 20, 30, 40
Hunderdanfifty, mister swifty,
Can you even see me now?
watch that tach jack and reach
for the Georgia peach
and drop it in my lap,
eight hundred miles away.

She shook me all night long.

Down the ramp and don't let up,
long straight and hard right,
gonna get back home tonight.
Don't brake till you see Jeez
and don't turn in till he says please.

Point 6, point 7, point 8 and NOW. 
And feel that surge.
That screaming urge
HID light
dark Florida night
drivin' Miss Mambo

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