Tuesday, April 16, 2013

People who hate America

Yes, you're right, The Westboro Wankers are at it again.  Nothing happens you see, that isn't God's wrath against people who do not persecute those people whose romantic and sexual desires don't conform to the wrong Reverend Phelps' ideas of what God demands. God bombed Boston, he assures us in a press release on Twitter and there must be a big grin on his divine visage this morning as he wipes the blood of children off his greasy lips.   What better way does he have to inform us of his hatred and his lust for violence, after all?  

You know I'm sick of hearing that we need to arm ourselves against the government. If there's any group of people who need their guts splattered on the pavement in gory splendor, it's the members, friends and supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church.

You know, some day that worm Phelps is going to die and if there is a God or if there is only us to work justice in the world, there will be ten million picketers at his funeral and his final resting place will be flooded with the urine of ten million more.

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