Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The problem with idiots is not just that they are idiots, but that they think other idiots are smarter than people who are not idiots. What's true of idiots in general is more true of that special breed -- the Floridiots: the idiots of Florida.  Few states are better at electing crooks and liars and perhaps few have elected as many well intentioned morons as the State of FloriDUH.

Perhaps you remember the Florida State Senator that opposed an "animal husbandry" exception to an idiotic law that made it illegal to watch animals having sex because he thought it allowed men to marry animals?  Floriduh.  Now that Floridiots have closed internet cafes ( mostly in less affluent areas) all over the state following a scandal involving  illegal gambling at some of those places affiliated with bogus charity Allied Veterans of the World, that brought down our Lieutenant Governor and prompted the state to make anything to do with video gambling illegal.  Unfortunately and typically, they also made anything that connects to the internet illegal and possibly any system that allows one to connect, like WiFi in public places. People without computers who use these places to wire money home and connect with family are SOL and Governor Scott was happy to sign off on it.  Governor Scott who told us that hiring thousands to save the everglades and our rivers was bad because hiring people kills jobs.

Did I mention that we are a Red State in Florida?  A state controlled by people who insist government can't do anything right and should be simplified and minimalized.  Leave it to the Floridiots to make it a felony to have a leg humping dog or a smart phone that after all, might be used to play poker. Now most people who have a thing about regulation of  private consensual things tend to oppose them, but that implies some kind of logical consistency not at all common in idiots and less so in Republican Floridiots. (yes I know that's a tautology)  After all we elected a governor who ran a corporation who set a record for stealing from Medicare in order to clean things up and restore fiscal responsibility and who defends the pollution the vast majority of us moved to Florida to avoid.

Oh well, galling as it might be to be associated with nitwits and knuckle draggers, unrepentant confederates and self defeating supporters of their own sad condition, there's always Texas.  We're not as bad as Texas, are we?

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