Monday, August 04, 2014

Free range, organic, natural and unprocessed idiocy

Life must be frustrating for Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Hell, life is frustrating for most of us, but his problem is us because he's just so damn much smarter.  The anti-science bozos just can't leave him alone as evidenced by a video of him responding to a French interviewer and defending Genetically Modified Organisms and the right to profit by patenting genomes.

To me there's little difference between flat-Earth Biblical Bullshit and the kind of twaddle we read every day about "processed" foods and "grain Brain" and "paleo" diets and the world being destroyed by seedless watermelons, drought resistent corn and zombies, because not only do people cling to hokey pseudoscience, paranoia and processed opinions, they're just stupid.

But what can I say, I've probably got Grain Brain from the gluten in that half bagel I ate this morning and the coffee I drank made from water processed by boiling, and beans processed by roasting and grinding when I should have dug up some organic and unprocessed and all natural grubs in the back yard and eaten them raw. Of course chewing them is processing them, isn't it?  I guess you just can't win

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