Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bring in the McClowns

It seems I write the same things over and over again because the Republican pattern repeats indefinitely.  It's OK when we do it or say it or demand it, it's anti-American, tyrannical, too little, too late, too much, too soon when they do it. Even if Republicans invented it or pioneered it or used it until yesterday it's different when "they" do it.

How long ago was it that John McCain and  Fox News and the rest of the merry bunch made a circus act with all three rings full of how Obama is a "tyrant" for appointing all those Czars?  "More Czars than the Romanovs," tweets the funny man.  So where's the big red nose and oversize pants when John McCain tells us that hapless weakling Obama isn't appointing the Czars we need?  That's right, John McCain has joined Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), sponsor of H.R. 3226 (111th): Czar Accountability and Reform (CZAR) Act of 2009  in condemning the administration for this egregious failure, invoking the "if it's bad, it's Obama" clause in the Party rules. 2009 is when George W. Bush left office -- just coincidentally -- and of course George had 33 of them, but let's keep that quiet.

Of course there's no public office with the title Czar on the door as far as I know. It's a media epithet that began in the 1940s and of course there's nothing unconstitutional about the President appointing "other public ministers" no matter how much they chuckle and chortle and lie in the Fox newsroom.
But quoting history and public record never seems to have much effect on the magic thinkers and pea-brained partisans of any stripe.  The public's eyes are always on the jugglers and clowns and what they're doing now, not what they did ten seconds ago.

"No one knows who's in charge," says McCain, his face revealing nothing of how his party, with the help of the NRA has blocked the nomination of a Surgeon General, an office designed to take control and coordinate the process of informing the country of what's being done.  Yes, the NRA, because the Surgeon General might just get involved in gun policy.  Can't have that. Better a plague than risk a gun grabber liberal doctor commie near our weapons. Better this country perish from the earth.


Uncle Mark & Lynn said...

I don't find you write the same things over and over but it may seem that way to you. When you choose to point out the the hypocrisy of politicians there are bound to be some similarities since they never seem to learn anything.

Capt. Fogg said...

There are so many recurrent themes though.

Ever since the disgrace of Nixon, we're listed to his crimes and misdemeanors transformed into charges against every Democratic administration. Tyranny, trashing the constitution, something ending in a 'gate,' etc. They're so confident that we have no memory that they'll contradict themselves from one day to the next and of course many of us are so driven by irrational feelings that we don't stop to think or to look anything up.

Yes, Obama is trashing the constitution but when Scalia claims it's constitutional to treat religious people differently than non-religious people, it hardly makes the news.

How can I blame it all on the Republicans when the country is such a willing participant in the fraud?