Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hate Finds a Way

looking at the latest crop of Hillaryhate TV commercials seems like a reprise of all those 15th and 16th century paintings I saw in Europe as a kid, the Jews with their twisted faces, mocking Jesus. Hard not to remember those Nazi propaganda pictures too, hook-nosed rats spreading disease across Europe. Descendants of African slaves in the US have  their own gallery full of obscene stereotypes, but Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics and American Indians have seen their unfair share as well.  Of course "political correctness:" that Republican dysphemism for common decency, has made the ugly cartoons hard to sell but it's a new day now that the GOP beast has taken life and is stomping all over America on the way to Washington. Do we remember the virtually identical predictions and pronouncements and prognostications and prophecies we got with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama?  Hell no, we're not aware of where the economy is and where it came from and why it failed disastrously. We Don't know what's happenend - we don't want to - we're Republicans.

There is nothing like respect or responsibility or reasonableness visible in the political advertising of 2016. It's nothing new, Obama was the anti-Christ, Mrs. Clinton is a worshiper of Satan and no epithet is too absurd, too extreme or too disgusting to be written on billboards or explained as part of some process of "making America Great." Since Nixon the Crook slithered out of the White House, hate and lies and unscrupulous slander have become the heart and soul and substance of Republican politics and the Republicans have perfected the art of stage victimhood.  Note the way Trump is offended at the "over the top" questions of the Khan family and how easily the vermin who follow him emulate their concern for poor Donald.

"Hillary Clinton belongs in Prison," sneers the shiny made-up face of Rick Kozell, Republican candidate for the 18th congressional district in Florida. "She sold her power to the highest bidder" is the unsubstantiated explanation for that.  The word "Benghazi" creeps subliminally across the bottom of the screen and you can be sure that the delight of the Hillaryhate disciples is so great they won't be aware of it just the way they're not aware of the exoneration that followed endless hearings and investigations. Hate always finds a way to clear the fog of reality.

 Only 90 days now for the encyclopedia of fake Obama prognostications joins the last batch down the tubes and no indications yet of that "double dip" recession or the red flag over the Capitol or any of the other little piles of shit that pass for reality in the Republican mind.  How long can you always be wrong and not start to doubt? Forever, it seems, as the crew crosses out Clinton and writes in Obama and then crosses out Obama and adds Clinton again.  Make America Hate Again! and again, and again. . .

Jesus, hanging on his cross, looks down at the victims of his worshipers and weeps.

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