Thursday, November 01, 2007

God hates Phelps.

Fred Phelps is the ugliest man in America. Fred is the fellow with the Church that seems to have no other purpose than to see homosexuality everywhere and condemn it everywhere and to blame everything from the weather to the casualties in Iraq to our "tolerance" of those who don't follow the sexual rules of his God forsaken church. Fred has been plaguing the families and funerals of deceased soldiers because he blames their deaths on our tolerance of homosexuality and if there is anything the Devil won't do, Fred will do it. Fred's God has doomed us, says he, because we allow Homosexuals to live and because God has doomed us, there is no freedom of religion in our country. Freedom of speech is only upheld because that protection has allowed this ugly man and his ugly religion to escape being torn to shreds by the people he torments, insults, wounds and steals from.

Finally someone has done something. Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder was killed in Iraq last year and his funeral was desecrated by Phelps and his family, chanting and carrying signs saying "God hates Fags." Yesterday a jury awarded the Snyder family $10,900,000 in Federal court. Phelps laughed. Whether or not the dozens of other families assaulted by Phelps and his malignant God will be willing to go through the torture of suing him remains to be seen, but sadly this won't stop him and it won't affect the hatred or the insanity that produces it. Phelps hasn't got the money and he hasn't got the sanity to be chastened by all this.

Does anyone really believe that Phelps himself is not as gay as a cage full of larks? With all the examples of gay bashing Republicans cruising in porn shops and public toilets and congressional cloakrooms we've had recently, isn't it obvious that this fanatical crusade can only come from self-hatred?

Maybe it's time for the more mainstream God dispensers to examine their moral bombast, for without them, there would be no Fred Phelps.


SkiTheStars said...

I hope Phelps is the only tenant in the Hell he proscribes for so many others. He created it, let him live there. Actually, I think he just one more sad case of "look at Me!" I wonder if he can find enough gullible fools to refill his coffers. If the rest of that universe is any indication, he probably can. Preying (praying for ?)the fears and hopes of the poorly raised (minds, not cash), is a multi-million dollar media money maker opportunity for religion draped predators.

"Those who claim to know the Truth are Very Irritating to those of us who do."

Douglas Keachie

Intellectual Insurgent said...

For as distasteful as his behavior is, there is such thing as free speech in this country. An $11M punishment for exercising that right is a very bad precedent to set and I really hope an appellate court overturns the award.

Capt. Fogg said...

I believe that there are limits to where you can exercise that speech as well as how and I think Freedom of speech does not protect harassment or malicious interference with other people's rights or privacy, nor does it convey the right to disturb the peace or incite to riot or endanger the public or interfere with traffic much less with a funeral. I don't have the right to follow you or him around screaming insults into a megaphone day and night.

I think his obscene performances are beyond the scope of protected speech and I'm willing to bet that even the ACLU does.

Actually Phelps is the one and only argument for hate crimes laws I can accept.

Nobody is talking about what he says in his "church" or anywhere else but during a private funeral. The size of the fine reflects that he's been doing this for years and years.

Beyond that, he's still the most heartless, despicable piece of garbage ever to walk the earth and if he pulled that kind of stunt at my son's funeral I wouldn't hesitate to introduce him to my friend Mr. Beretta.

I hope he dies soon and dies slowly.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

I actually like the guy. He's the only honest Christian "leader". He practices what he preaches. That's why so many other Christians dislike him - because he is the living example of what they would be if they weren't hypocrites and actually practiced what they preach.

And whether there are limits on free speech or not, $11M for protesting a funeral is absurd. Shoot, if I can get $11M for someone protesting one of my loved one's funerals, I'll send him directions to the next one I attend. :-)

Reign of Reason said...

He's clearly a closeted homo... He may "practice what he preaches", but the bible doesn't dwell on homosexuality any more than it does adultery... or even eating shellfish.

If someone wants to preach the bible -- by all means -- it's your right. The fact that this obviously deranged man has focused on a few obscure references in the bible indicates where his neurosis lays.

Capt. Fogg said...

Hey, the Bible says all kinds of things are abominations, but Christianity was supposed to be about overcoming all those weird laws, not about enforcing them.

I think Phelps has caused more that 11 million worth of misery and freedom of speech doesn't include preventing others from their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

You know they're going to find him in that Minnesota airport men's room anyway.

Reign of Reason said...

That's my point too: the bible denounces many activities - from blending fibers to eating clams... It's all ridiculous if you ask me.

The fact that this nut-case picked homosexuality out of the myriad sins cataloged in the bible tells me he was one of Craig's regular rendezvous.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Like I said, next funeral - I'm sending him directions. I want $11M for having my feelings hurt.

Capt. Fogg said...

Of course he's less likely to pay than OJ was.