Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Morning quickie

So only days before the second Bush leaves town (not that he spends much of his time there) his father is already touting Jeb Bush as a presidential candidate.

Now let's see, we had Prescott Bush laundering money for Hitler and getting caught, We had Neil Bush involved in scandalous S&L shenanigans that cost us billions and getting off unscathed, we had George who made the dubious claim of being "out of the loop" during the Iran-Contra scandal, we had George the second who officially sealed the incriminating evidence and who is certainly a contestant for the worst American president (and I think we can include Central and South America in the contest) and perhaps we'll have another Bush, by and by.

Now how many gang members have to screw us before we can call it a gang bang?


Anonymous said...

Bush banged, Bushwhacked, Bush Leagued.

All the same.

Our childrens, childrens, children will feel the effects of this without Jeb stepping into the ring.

Happy New Year to you.


Capt. Fogg said...

You're right - and happy new year to you too.

d nova said...

let's see--fool us once, shame on u; fool us twice, shame on us; but 5 times!!? that's totally absurd.