Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I've often called her Ann of the Thousand Lies, although it must be admitted that I've never documented that many of them. Perhaps it's only been 997, perhaps it's been half a million, but how many lies, after all, does it take to make one a liar? Would a dozen major lies in one book suffice or would lying to the Palm Beach County Election Commissioner do?

I'm not talking about inaccuracies, I'm talking about lies. Media Matters for America found at least that many in her latest crock: Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America. Her assertion that Fox News has never been caught promoting a fraud, for instance, is countered by a list of frauds and a memo from Fox to its writers that quoting unattributed and undocumented stories off the web was less that responsible journalism. One recalls the "madrassa" frenzy which even without the ever more slanderous innuendo batted about between stone faced panel members would be damning enough.

That's of course only a small example from one book. I would have to add one more lie so frequently used by her active and tacit supporters: the relentlessly repeated title of "conservative commentator." William F. Buckley and George Will are conservative commentators. Ann Coulter is a writer of polemical fiction, a burner of straw men; a person who has advocated the murder of Federal Judges and bought her way out of a felony conviction by using a friend at the FBI to intimidate an election board.

I must issue the disclaimer that I haven't read this book and am not about to, so I'm going to take the word of Media Matters that the lies they illustrate are actually in it. I'm also going to discount the inevitable ritual of discounting documented information by dancing around the bonfire naked, chanting Liberaliberaliberaliberal and passing ones self off as a victim of evil Liberals as her advocates do. I will point out the irony -- if it needs to be pointed out -- of a writer who has claimed victimhood with every paragraph screeching about how "Liberals" are pretending to be victims and of the irony of a woman who attacks America with every breath, scapegoating "Liberals."


Buffalo said...

The best thing to do with Coulter is to absolutely ignore her. Confine her to the realm of the insignificant.

betmo said...

i rarely, if ever, use her name. indeed, i refer to her as 'she who will not be named.' i have no regard for her as a fellow human being or a fellow woman. she is an intelligent woman who had ever opportunity to make a contribution to the greater good but instead, chose to align herself with the right and be ugly and mean. it's sad.

Capt. Fogg said...

I'd be happy to ignore her, but she's the darling of the media and her publisher's best friend. She thrives in part because decent people ignore her when they should be putting her in jail.

Anonymous said...

Coultergeist is a spirit who haunts our lives.

Lauer, and Smith showed considerable disdain for her. She published a second Opinion article on the 7th. She typically does not publish more than one a week. I think I see a crack in the armor.


Capt. Fogg said...

She couldn't do it on her own. The fact that she got three days extra publicity from being bumped from a morning TV show because events slightly more important that her idiot rages were happening allowed her to renew her jihad against truth, justice and the American way with full complicity of the networks.

If they didn't use her as a hood ornament we would hardly hear from her.