Saturday, April 04, 2009

When trolls attack

"How's the hope and change thing working out for you, moron?" reads the comment. If you're a blogger outside the red tribe, you're used to this sort of thing. You're used to the cut and paste pop culture snark bombs: how's the _____ working out, I don't think so, Hello, etc. Of course trying to rule while wearing only the hollow crown of cynicism only exposes the nakedness and weakness of someone who has to rely on mimicking sitcom characters to simulate insight or wit; and of course the smartest people around are called morons more often than the rest of us; far more often than actual morons are. It's a fact.

Of course if you look back at every post I've made in the last few years, you'll not find a single "hope and change"slogan. In fact if you have the patience and stomach to read all or part of it, you'll note that I'm most consistently a doom and gloom nihilist with no hope for or expectation of change, unless it be decay. Still, I'm sure the armchair assassin thinks he really scored and perhaps he's getting his 5$ per post bonus from the GOP to boot. There's nothing to be done really and as I said, I'm a nihilist and a pessimist; I expect no better from my fellow apes.

If I did, I would have to feel insulted by the assumption that I was stupid enough to think a new president -- any new president -- could reverse the damage of decades in two months: two months of sabotage and opposition by people who ran the ship aground and pay sticky-fingered troglodytes to ask how the hope and change is going for us. Need we ask how the election went for them? or how the supply side, zero regulation market thing is going? Those tax breaks for Wall Street tycoons making you rich? Hello! I don't think so!


Chris said...

Yup. I get a kick outta how the same people who took us from a wonderful surplus to the most devastating deficit we've ever had to face now have the gall to tell the new administration that their proposal is irresponsible...

The present administration has had about sixty days to undo problems going back nearly a generation. If we see results in three years that'll be wonderful! I'm not expecting anything to happen much quicker than that... And that's if President Obama can keep the opposition from stalling his every move in the meantime.

Capt. Fogg said...

If they could turn gall into gold there would be no economic crisis. Sure enough some snarkster on The Reaction has taken this post to mean I oppose free markets.

It's amazing that people can demand laws and cops and courts and judges to protect them but insist it's wrong to have any oversight of the places they keep their money. Insanity really doesn't cover the situation.

betmo said...

most of us didn't necessarily buy into the 'hope and change' crap- we just didn't want mccain to win. we had enough of the fear mongering and scorched earth redistribution of wealth. we figured that anyone had to be better than a republican. at this point, we are keeping our fingers crossed- so if that's hope then i guess they are correct.

Capt. Fogg said...

Hope? I'm a nihilist. Nothing we care about has any reality or significance and even existence is mortal. Having hope is like putting mayonnaise on a shit sandwich. Whatever you make it taste like, it's still a shit sandwich.

Did anyone buy into Reagan's smaller government or George I's "kinder gentler America?"

No, the trolls go to war with the argument they have, not the argument thy would need to have in order to make any sense. Our language has been so eroded that our worst insults don't actually mean anything anyway: what does "Fuck You" mean? basically nothing -- just like everything else.