Thursday, May 28, 2009

Citizens United against democracy

Some days it doesn't feel like it's worth getting up. I was hoping to sleep late this morning, but I was awakened at 8:01 by the phone and being too groggy to check the caller ID which would have told me it wasn't anything I should answer, I picked up.

Of course it was yet another seditious Republican hate group calling itself Citizens United trying once again to vilify the president by conducting a "brief poll" which of course consisted of a minute's hysterical rant by David Bossie ( who brags about having investigated the Clinton Administration and has written vituperative and not too factual books on Al Gore and John Kerry) about how Obama is destroying America and heaps praise on Limbaugh and Fox News. A fulsomely perky female voice returned and asked me which is more damaging for America:

  1. Obama's massive tax and spending increases,
  2. or his inexperienced, naive and weak foreign policy agenda?
Well, I won't mention my reaction to the cheerful little twit . I was not my usual kind self, and there were questionable expletives amongst my lecture about forced choice questions and dishonest polls and dishonest politicians attacking Democracy, I must say, but I'm sure she had me down as choosing one of the above despite my tirade about Bossie being a seditious enemy of all I hold dear.

Like everything else about the Republican sleaze machine, it's based on deception anyway and their "polls" have no actual validity. Of course I wasn't my usual kind self to the folks representing Newt Gingrich or his "poll" of leading questions last week either. Fake polls seem to be the way to get us, exhausted by the 18 months of hysterical telephone opinion shouting, to participate. Everyone wants his opinion heard: not everyone is smart enough to realize he's being used.

Newt, surprisingly, is no friend of Bossie. According to the Washington Post, when he was fired from his job as an investigator working for Representative Dan Burton (R-IN) on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee in 1998, Speaker Gingrich said to Burton of Bossie's behavior:
"I'm embarrassed for you, I'm embarrassed for myself, and I'm embarrassed for the [House Republican] conference at the circus that went on at your committee."
Indeed, even George H. W. Bush said of Bossie:
"We will do whatever we can to stop any filthy campaign tactics"
and W, himself no stranger to sleazy campaign tactics and not known for his sense of shame, asked his supporters not to support him.

But such is the fever of Obama Derangement Syndrome that this turd has again floated to the surface of the cesspool and who knows, perhaps will emerge from your telephone while you're trying to catch up on your sleep or eat your dinner or watch TV of an evening. But why wait?

If you have time on your hands today, try calling 866-635-8661 and ask Citizens United about their opinion of people who try to undermine our government "in time of war" or perhaps throw any of their other nauseous accusations back at them. Tell 'em Fogg sent ya. Tell them you're taking a poll.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

Having conducted telephone surveys, I can tell you, they are complete and utter BS, designed to rook the client into believing whatever he or she set out to believe was true in the first place.

They're at least partly responsible for the death of land-lines, and the fact that no sane person between the ages of 20 and 60 answers unknown callers, much less their questions.

Unless they're half asleep, of course [ahem].

Capt. Fogg said...

It may seem strange for a person whose main interest is electronic communication not to consider a cell phone a "real" telephone, but mine is always turned off unless I'm making a call.

But yes, the relentless telemarketing and political vaudeville makes me miserable and it's partly my own fault.

Cosa Nostradamus said...


I'm not happy with the GPS capabilities of cellphones these days. But mine is disposable, and I never use it for anything hairy, so...

Anonymous said...

These people are REAL Fools. These calls are counter-productive. They really turn people OFF. They do NOT STOP when asked to be removed from their call list. So, we just forward the calls to the FTC and FCC phone numbers. Maybe they will deal with them? We don't even answer any of them.