Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The Jeffrey Toobin article at CNN was only 55 seconds old when I read the comment claiming she
"is just the person to carry this administration’s water when it comes to re-writing laws from the bench."
Gentlemen, launch your swift boats, fire up the all-purpose pejoratives, let the sleazewars begin. Why look for real-world examples when we can invent them and have them now?

Her resume is impressive and she was appointed to the Federal Bench by George H.W. Bush, but any Obama appointee will be treated as an opportunity for the reactionary turkey coop to air the same old "farleftliberal" gobble.

Whether she is indeed a far left Liberal, whatever that means, or a moderate Liberal, if you can sum up anyone that easily: even if she is "carrying water" for the administration, if you'll pardon their cliche', she isn't likely to be carrying all those sacks of reeking fascist shit that have been piling up in the halls of justice during the Republican Dark Ages and that, to me, means far more than gender, ethnicity or any label the pinheads Republicans can pin on her.


Fox has announced their verdict. Sonya Sotomayor is the “most liberal” of any of his candidates and was chosen to “appease the far left.”

Still no word on why the "most Liberal Senator in American History" has yet to prove he isn't a conservative, or why a liberal would have to appease the liberals, but hey - it's Fox, how wrong can they be?


Buffalo said...

The world knows that Fox is fair, balanced and objective. Or something like that. Or maybe nothing like that at all.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Has anyone checked her BIRTH CERTIFICATE???!!!

Capt. Fogg said...

Actually the Gordon Liddy menstruation thing has surpassed anything I could have imagined in terms of demented malignance.