Monday, June 15, 2009

Minuteman -- what's in a name?

The right wing trolls have been parading their mock outrage recently about suggestions that the last 8 years have marked a new high ( or low, if you prefer) in Republican hate mongery -- unless, of course they're allowed to blame it either equally or entirely on "far-left Liberals," which group is comprised of anyone who criticized George W. Bush's presidency before the economy hit the fan.

Were the Doctor murderer and the museum shooter secret FLL's? is the question they're pretending to ask themselves in order to avoid the appearance of complicity, says Majikthise. Of course yesterday's arrests for home invasion and murder by leaders of one of the "minuteman" groups who pose as well-regulated militias doing what "the government refuses to do" will have to be integrated into the program of denial and blame passing. It's going to get more and more difficult, I predict, to discuss any question of responsibility.

Shawna Forde, leader of Minutemen America Defense, aptly called MAD, is a graduate of a San Diego terrorist Camp Vigilante. She's been arrested along with two other terrorist border patrol volunteer group members for having shot up a Hispanic family in their own home, leaving a father and his nine year old daughter dead. One of the other vigilantes is also a product of a Minuteman training camp, but of course the argument is being steered away from culpability and toward which of several groups get to use the Minuteman name, as the dance of denial and evasion begins.

Of course by suggesting that the rabid barking about Mexicans from Lou Dobbs on down to the self-appointed defenders of America's borders and undiluted bodily fluids has had any effect on the overall climate of murderous rage amongst the "conservatives" exposes me to accusations of playing the "Blame Game" and being ranked as another Far Left Liberal hate shouter in the false equivalence World Series and probably an America Blaming, crypto-terrorist, Fascist-Marxist follower of the false and foreign-born Messiah Obama as well.

Really, I should just go back to writing about Boats before my sense of guilt becomes overwhelming.


Vicente Duque said...

The Minutemen - Who are the Minutemen ??? -- What the Minutemen do -- If it barks like a dog and wags the tail like a dog then .......

The Minutemen are a Paramilitary Organization with lots of Jeeps, Humvees, Special Desert Vehicles, Weapons, Camouflage and lots and lots of Weapons, even assault weapons, or sniper rifles with telescopic sights, night vision binoculars, Global Position Systems GPS, Water tanks, munnitions and lots of Military Paraphernalia.

They act as a police, aiming guns at people with threats of shooting, they make arrests, they take prisoners. They act as police or as a normal army.

To assume that this has no political value or that it does not pose a political pressure is sheer ignorance of History and naivete.

This should be called what it ir really is : a PARAMILITARY organization, and as such it has a political value. If it barks like a dog and wags the tail like a dog then it is a dog.

So what happened, that they are commiting crimes and murders should not surprise us. This is probably not new.

And that they killed a beautiful nine year old girl only indicates the level of HATE that this organization teaches.

The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi Skinheads have also had training camps and lots of dangerous assault weapons. They have also always had PARAMILITARY overtones.

And Hitler had his own personal army of Paramilitaries : The Brownshirts Stormtroopers.

The Sturmabteilung SA (German: “Assault Division”)

The SA protected Nazi Party meetings and assaulted political opponents. They were very useful in breaking the Windows of Jewish Business, harassing Jews, Humiliating Jews, kicking, beating and murdering Jews, Socialists and Communists, etc ..

Vicente Duque

Capt. Fogg said...

I enjoyed reading the information about Shawna Forde on your site. Yes, I agree that the tactics of these people an other hate groups are in many ways like the Nazis. Some of the reasons they were successful in a civilized democracy like Germany was that people weren't willing to oppose them, the right wing thought they could be useful in keeping communism away and most just thought they would go away if ignored.

They didn't and these people won't either. We need to stop protecting them and we need to rebut the media efforts to make them sound like heroes and it wouldn't hurt for the networks to tone down the scapegoating of Hispanics.