Tuesday, June 02, 2009

¿qué has dicho?

My first reaction as a detail oriented person, was that Bustelo was an Italian brand of coffee and Pilon would have been a better choice if your trying to stereotype someone. My second reaction was "what the hell is he thinking?" Is he trying to tell us that Sonia Sotomayor is no more than some ethnic fortune teller whose advice is sold along with plantains and lotto tickets in some Puerto Rican grocery store? (and by the way, aren't those Puerto Ricans backward and picturesque?)

So what are you saying here, Mr. Danziger? Beats me - what about you?

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Cosa Nostradamus said...

It's their gentle way of saying "She's a SP*C!!!"

See, political correctness "gone wild" has made it impossible for the guys who are still really in charge, or think they are, to express their natural prejudices against everyone else, which would have been enough to disqualify any minority just a few short years ago.

Worse yet, years of abuse and discrimination by them have created a climate where people like "SP*CS!!!" actually have a fair shot at some pretty good jobs, even powerful ones. So it's doubly frustrating that they can't just yell "SP*C!!!" and be done with it, any more.

They do seem to think that depicting black candidates as monkeys, or Latina judges as banana-slinging bodega owners is still OK, a sort of clever, sneaky work-around the rule about not actually using words like "SP*C!!!" and "N*GG*R!!!" which is what they're screaming in their heads the whole time. They don't realize that we can hear them, and that their little pictures are not so subtle, and equally unacceptable as the words.

The old ones will die before they learn. The young ones will either learn, or end up in prison for shooting a doctor, or get shot by the ATF in a cabin in Idaho. So it goes. The long slow decline of an endangered species: Homo Republicanus.

Sad, really. If it weren't so much fun to watch them wriggle and squirm like cockroaches after a good spray of insecticide.