Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny, funny, funny

" I didn't stop to think about the historic implications and other examples of how this could be offensive"
said Marilyn Davenport from the Orange County Republican Central Committee. Oh, of course not. It was just too much fun paling around with the rest of the bigoted bastards, sending them pictures of President Obama as a Chimpanzee, titled "Now you know why no birth certificate." Funny, funny, funny.

But She's a "Christian woman" says she, and an active Tea Party Twit and likes to put Biblical references into her excuses. Maybe God will forgive her, but then he's probably fed up with excuses too.

Is there any excuse for this "birther" crap? Even Bill O'Reilly has asked that this nonsense stop and the president be given some basic respect, but he'd have more success asking a pack of alligators to share that piece of rotten chicken like nice little reptiles.

No, the Koreans didn't pay his tuition, he's not a Muslim, he wasn't born in Africa and the last thing he is is a Marxist. Face it, you never even heard of Trotzky before 2008. Yes, he is the real president, no he didn't defy the War Powers Act and if he's a tyrant, a wet noodle is an icepick.

Just get over it, he's black, he's too middle of the road and corporate influenced for Liberals, too willing to compromise with enemies of Liberal politics and too unwilling to do what he was elected to do in many cases -- and he's black.

And stop telling me, he's not your president unless you're willing to admit you don't give a damn for Democracy and the rule of law.

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