Friday, April 29, 2011

T- Bag to T-Rump

"Listen, you motherfuckers, we're gonna tax you 25%"

-Donald Trump-

Rummaging in a desk drawer this morning, I came across a tin box with a picture of George Bush on it. It said National Embarrass Mints. Remember those more innocent times? Of course that eight year horror story wasn't the first time I've been embarrassed for my country, or by my country. Actually that has been my regular condition since the Johnson administration, but I suppose it's the sort of thing one builds up a tolerance for. If we had had the Tea Party decades ago, I'd like to think they would have been written off by most conservatives as ill informed, ill intentioned and just plain ill. We've reached the point where an admission that the country had been steered into a war longer than and more expensive than WW II on false pretenses, on borrowed money and people punished for trying to expose it, has disappeared into the background noise, drowned out by the screaming about Planned Parenthood and National Public radio. America hasn't had a sincere, informed and rational discussion about anything for years: witches, flag pins, racist accusations, lies, damned lies and religion and all the while they're selling our American birthright out the back door.

Each increment, each step downward, seems to be a bigger one. The distance between the T-Baggers raging about things they are totally misinformed about and T-Rump calling the Chinese government "Motherfuckers" because they make a profit on trade with the US is as least as much a demonstration of the accelerating madness as all the insanity about birth certificates and scholarships paid for by Islamic Communist terrorists. But it's the sight of the cheering throngs enthralled by a barking idiot with hair that would make Andy Warhol's wig maker cry that has brought me to a point far beyond the galaxy of mere embarrassment.

It's not the idiots and crooks and con men in Washington to blame, it's the howling apes and laughing hyenas who don't think they're bad enough or destructive enough to suit us. Foreign policy? Why what we need to do is what that Tucson lunatic did and shoot the bastards, tax the motherfuckers, show them who the big dog really is. Let's put on togas, get shitfaced and PAAAARRRTYY!

I'm disgusted, I'm offended, I'm done. Living in a country where some drunk, ignorant, low life braggart with a skull full of stupid can get cheers acting like a sociopathic barroom hooligan and be considered as a potential president of the United States? Fuck it. It's not worth saving if it can't save itself -- and I pretty sure it doesn't even want to.

What does the end of America look like? It looks like this and it sounds like this and people love it.


d nova said...

somebody should fire that chump.

Capt. Fogg said...

Right, and watch him sign up for unemployment benefits.