Thursday, May 23, 2013

God's bloody cleaver

"The only reasons we killed this man ... is because Muslims are dying daily,"

said the man, holding a bloody cleaver and standing over the body of a British soldier hacked to pieces.  Muslims are dying.  Actually everyone is, even Atheists, but being part of the Middle Eastern religious tradition, followers of one prophet or another see themselves as different; as special to the point where they'll murder their own to prevent the "dishonor" of disobedience and they'll sure as hell kill you for not recognizing your goddamn specialness, you infidel!

There's something we have to realize: that Christian, Jew or Muslim, there is a thread running through our history and our 'scripture' that execrates deviation, heresy and all forms of non-conformity and puts all wisdom in the past, but right now, the people who are cutting off hands and heads and genitalia identify themselves as Muslim, whether or not other Muslims tell you that this isn't what their religion is about.  Perhaps they're right and perhaps the Inquisition was an aberration too, but this is now and for the most part the bombers, the hijackers, the kidnappers, the decapitators are talking about the God revealed by Mohammad  -- a God like all Gods who silently watches and does nothing unless we do it in his name.  Every Faith is a potential weapon.  Every one.

So the World Trade towers were blown to hell because we were "bothering" Muslims.  Perhaps we were, but then it doesn't take much, does it?  It doesn't take much when just walking on their "holy" sand without believing their holy horseshit is enough to get you killed and your family too.

So the Boston bomber wrote that this was all because we infidels were killing them  -- Muslims were dying, never mind why and never matter that for the most part it's because they've been killing us. We did far, far worse to the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan, yet they've pretty much eschewed violent revenge and it's a better world for it.  Religion doesn't compromise, doesn't allow experience to teach anything unless the experience appears in a myth from long ago, religion never forgets or forgives and so the quest for disgusting levels of retribution becomes part of the faith itself and it never ends.
 "This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth," said the meat cleaver of God. "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone."

Prime Minister James Cameron seems concerned that the reaction will include reprisals against innocent Muslims and stressed that these crazed killers were betraying Islam, but as I said, any religion is capable of producing such madmen and not very good at suppressing extremists and particularly when martyrdom is a cornerstone of the faith, particularly when God sits idly by as though he were impotent and the faithful see the need to get their hands bloody on his behalf, lest people doubt his "almighty" power.

 Is there really any way to leave them alone?  Will they ignore us if we ignore them?  Can they afford not to sell themselves as victims?  I think not.  I think that to risk having the faithful realizing that the poverty and ignorance in Islamic countries has much to do with Islam itself is unacceptable.  They have to blame it on the west.  When I hear that they'll never stop fighting, I believe it and I believe Cameron when he says the British will never give in either.  There simply isn't any way to do that, because when religion is involved, it's always a battle till the death.

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