Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The eye of the Needle

Perhaps I suffer from a lack of imagination, because I simply can't imagine a fitting fate for Pat Robertson. It could be, of course, that there isn't one.  Pat, you'll recall, unless you share the short term memory defect such people like to call Conservative Politics has a habit of supporting criminal dictators and other monsters in Africa .  One thing I can't imagine either is the prospect of  this "Christian" entering anything resembling heaven any more than I can imagine the rock of Gibralter being extruded through the unlubricated eye of a sewing needle -- even a very big one -- and I'm not talking about his wealth, which some have estimated to be close to a billion dollars.

It's where he got that wealth that matters and although much of it comes from preying on elderly widows and other people who can't afford it, the lion's share, or should I say the jackal's share comes from dirty dealings in gold and blood diamonds financed by those contributions from sad old ladies who think the bastard is going to help them by intervening with God and curing their ailments.  That money of course has gone to purchase airliners to assist his mining enterprises with Mobuto Sese Seko and Charles Taylor and God knows what other cannibalistic demons, to extract blood diamonds and gold with slave labor and spend it on increasing his wealth and power, in the name of the almighty dollar, amen.  Of course some has gone to politicians who have seen to it that he's so far avoided the cage in Guantanamo with his name on it and the red hot poker up his ass that features regularly in my speculations about justice and Pat Robertson.  The IRS gives the extreme right a hard time?  Really? By allowing him to pay his debt with contributions to his own charity that uses it to steal even more?  What obscenity can I use to express my contempt here?  You tell me.

But I digress. This piece of shit, who of course has his own TV network, regularly uses it to damn his critics, to disparage the unfortunate and instill a sense of hatred in his followers in Jesus' name amen. His current mission is to run a " full-scale exposé" on some unnamed web entity: a “nasty group” that's all about “embarrassing conservatives.”  Once again my imagination fails to construct any hypothetical means to embarrass such unrepentant evil; the kind of  'nastiness' that can chide women for complaining about unfaithful spouses because it's their own fault.  Why even bother to mention the slavery, genocide, rape, mutilation, wholesale theft, deception and suffering that give him his tax-free income along with a microphone with which to complain that it isn't enough and that someone dares to complain.

Only in America.  Only in a country saturated in blind faith, trained from infancy to swoon with love and respect for any fork-tailed fraud can such a thing occur. I can't possibly list his crimes here, there's no scale big enough to weigh his sins and apparently there's no way to control the way he sponges millions from shacks and trailer parks and retirement homes to buy race horses and bribe politicians and undermine truth and goodness and decency.

But whose fault is it really?  The country that supports his crimes with donations, that gives him special tax status, that whimpers and cringes at his threats, that turns on his detractors like rabid vermin, that insults any noble notion of divinity that might still exist?  Who else? where else but the USA, it's brains, its moral conscience, its heart and soul eaten full of holes by false faith and greed
and cowardice -- its very damnation purchased with its greed for personal salvation.

But exposé away Pat.  Sooner or later that glass cathedral will shatter, your stink will stop the noses and empty the stomachs of  the nation and I hope it happens while you're still alive and able to suffer even just a tiny bit for a tiny fraction of what you've done.  Or so I pray.

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