Thursday, October 03, 2013


Got another robo call today - the kind you can't hang up on while the recorded voice tells you they can lower your credit card rates if you give them your card numbers -- numbers  they promptly use to bleed you dry. It's fraud, it's a felony.  It goes on and on uninterrupted because it makes money and money votes.

616-613-2227. It belongs to Lucre, inc in Michigan although the caller ID says Credit Crd Svcs.

I'm on the do not call list and I regularly report robo calls which are illegal in this state and other telemarketing calls that violate the law by calling me and refusing to remove my name from their lists, so, being furious at this umpteenth violation because I'm trying to keep the line free because my father is very ill, I went on line to the FCC.  Of course all I've ever got to reward my efforts is a form letter, but logging on to just now, what I saw was:

Due to the Government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time. We will resume normal operations when the government is funded.

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