Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Crazy Party goes wild!

Feels like Groundhog day, like déjà vu and Kafka too.  Pat Buchanan says it's better to destroy America than to "give in" to a health care system we voted for - never mind that or that it's the law. The President should stop being a tyrant and start overriding the law by fiat. Just like the less government more freedom Republicans did when they illegally made it illegal for a Democrat to open his mouth in Congress.

Fox News dredges up a "psychiatrist" to tell us that Obama likes food stamps and accused the Republican Party of hostage taking  because his father “abandoned” him as a child and his grandmother “didn’t trust men of color.”  and no, there's no "partisan rhetoric" here, they say.  Only Democrats do that.

Waiting now for some hint of progress while the insanity escalates beyond hysteria, beyond delusional fugue while visions of  Mad Mullah Obama, the Muslim tyrant from Africa forces us to have the health care bill we voted for which as you know, is just like Hitler and worse than anything that's ever happened since the beginning of time - don't ask why, just trust us because after all we're the ones who showed you how to pay for a war by cutting taxes and getting free oil from Iraq.

Waiting by the TV -- waiting and watching that old Republican rag. . .

It's frantic
It's antic
It's Corybantic.

The worst thing since slavery, it is -- oh don't ask why!

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