Thursday, May 08, 2014

America F.I.R.S.T. Science last

So you think the aggressive stance of  American Christianists against equal rights for non-Christians and for the ability of  Christian Chauvinists to use the power of government to advance their cause and sabotage all others' is not so important?  Maybe that I'm making much ado about almost nothing?

Perhaps you're not linking the assault on Humanism and on non-Christians it to the assault on women's rights and the assault on science, both of which are "traditional" targets of traditional Christian values.  Yes, we know about the wholesale rejection of  paleontology, geology and climate science both the data and interpretation, but many of us may brush it aside as the insignificant nattering of  nitwits,  and it isn't -- isn't insignificant, that is.  Because while we're wrapped up in the game and other trivial pursuits, our Congressional Christians are plotting to cut off all scientific funding that doesn't mesh with superstition and the official delusions of apocalyptic Evangelism.

They call it the FIRST act but it's hardly the first attempt to silence science.  The Churches of Europe gave it up hundreds of years ago, but of course the Republicans haven't forgiven them for giving up on tyranny so easily.  Enter the “Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology Act of 2014," which would give the nattering nitwits, the Biblical blowhards and the people who fund them, the right to deny funding to anything that they think might challenge the lies they hold to be "gospel" truth. It would put US science on a level with Botswana and it's already far behind Europe. Again it's not first. We already have successful efforts to stuff science textbooks full of Bible Based lies.

Of course Federal funding for research has recently been cut dramatically in an effort to accelerate the way we've been left behind by the modern world.  Remember the "I hope he fails" slogan from Obama's first term?  They really hope America fails of course because it would be fun for the few hundred people who own everything and a whole lot of fun for the kind of  draconian and tyrannical religious rule that's far more attractive to a downtrodden, miserable, frustrated and bone ignorant people -- the Americans of tomorrow: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Fundamentalists.

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