Monday, May 19, 2014

The myth of competition.

I don't think I need Thomas Piketty to point out that massive conglomerations of  Capital and the drive toward monopoly are one of the failure modes of Capitalism in which consumers have not only fewer choices but less money to fuel the system.  Perhaps it's a bit like Stellar evolution where using up all the hydrogen causes bloat and eventual implosion.  The traditional anthems sing about competition and opportunity, but in truth any capitalist enterprise wants to stifle competition and give competitors as little opportunity as possible and when the enterprise in question is control of information and opinion and even of desire and ambition in the public -- well the prospect of  media consolidation  in a country that depends on that industry for its information and opinion is simply frightening.   We might as well just hand over the keys to the Capitol along with our proxies when elections here become as much of a one party farce as those we used to laugh at in other countries.

AT&T plans to buy out DirecTV in a 67 Billion dollar deal and while current DirecTV customers like me will probably start to worry that my current $170 a month bill will escalate further and my service will decline to U-verse levels of not giving a damn, our real worry should be, as Professor Picketty would doubtless agree that it's beginning to look a lot like Orwell.

Isn't it time to suggest that all this blather about Obama the Socialist is a smokescreen put up by interests with no other interest than to monopolize the country and reduce us all to penury inescapable debt and serfdom? struggling to pay for what they want to sell us?  I think it is and I think our biggest danger as a free and prosperous country is to protect what they, the media, the voice of monopoly tell us is our freedom. 


Uncle Mark & Lynn said...

I remember vaguely the AT&T breakup to settle an anti-trust suit of some sort in the past. Obviously times have changed, and I agree, it seems like everyone is buying up everyone, Google is slowly taking over the world. It won't be long at this rate, we'll have two news channels, Fox and one other one attempting to be balanced and instead just being pitiful. I'll get full speed access to Fox News online, but independent sources of news will be throttled...I can't wait until Walmart buys Amazon. None of this bodes well for the future.

Capt. Fogg said...

Orwell sounds more and more plausible every day - maybe even inevitable.