Monday, January 04, 2016

7 minutes in Shanghai

Yikes, a seven minute tumble in the Chinese markets sends out gravity waves that shake the world.with the worst opening to a new year in at least 30 years. The Dow is down over 400 points as I write this. The complexities of our time and our interconnected world seem impossible to unravel and the immediate future impossible to predict with any kind of confidence.

So who does America look to for guidance in a world full of insoluble turmoil, inescapable change, and irresistible forces?

My God!  Obama's modest proposals to extend background checks are making gun sales explode., making Trump's fortunes rise.  Armed militias are occupying government buildings. We may be looking at another war in the Middle East involving an ally with whom we have treaties.  Russia is beefing up it's nuclear defenses. Another recession looms.

Who ya gonna call?  Donald Trump?  Ted Cruz?  Ben "dumber than a first grader" Carson?  Shut down the government, defund everything, throw out he Mexicans, ban the Muslims and buy more guns -- that'll fix everything. Never mind what the foreigners do.

Once again, America looks to the dumb brute, the ignorant blowhard, while the rational few cry
America - why has thou forsaken me?

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