Friday, January 22, 2016

Right Wing and Bitter

You betcha, says a drunk and incoherent Sarah Palin to a sympathetic audience of stupid, America-hating Republican idiots. Clingin' to our guns and our religions - you betcha and Drill Baby Drill as the oil rigs go dark and the economy stumbles on the world wide glut of oil.

Obviously prices have plummeted because Obama didn't want to drill in national parks so's we'd be more dependent on his A-Rab Moooslim brothers and prices rose because of Obama even before he was elected said she and Mr. McCain.

And, y'know that wife beating alcoholic sad sack Track only pointed a rifle at his wife because Obama sent him to war even though he saw no combat.  Vote For Trump - Vote for Palin all you booze hounds and psychos.  Time to take us all straight to hell, you betcha!

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