Wednesday, June 01, 2016

When You Gotta Go. You Gotta Go!

I'm sure the hope that those "smaller government" patriots will get their minds  and their intrusive policies out of the toilet is entirely vain, but I read this morning that the plight of transgender high school students, banned from their desired washroom is headed to the Supreme Court.  The spectacle of Conservative "thought" battling with ancient demons has lost its amusement factor after all these months of  our grotesque presidential rhetoric and whether or not the SCOTUS will hear the case or what decision they come to the only solution I can see is one I'm told exists in Great Britain, is the ability to have one's birth certificate modified to show the gender one has adopted.

A shorter term solution, although I'm not recommending anyone adopt it, is for protesting students to simply do their bodily functions at the door of the Principal's office and trade one disgusting act for another disgusting attitude.

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