Monday, July 24, 2017

Volunteers of Amerika

 Alex Jones and Michael Savage - two Gentlemen of Bologna - or do we pronounce it Baloney? They're both talking about civil war and not the one you're thinking of. And though both have an audience, neither can be compared to Nathan Hale or Patrick Henry or for that matter, Robert E Lee. They remind me more of jackals egging on the lions so they can feast on the leftovers.

"Like the radio DJs in Rwanda, Jones has been egging on his conservative listeners and viewers—an estimated 2.7 million people monthly—to kill more liberal fellow citizens over their political differences. " says Newsweek.

Michael Savage, whose real name is Weiner, told us the day before the congressional baseball game shooting there's going to be a bloody revolution. I'm sure he's hoping, although seeing that he's Jewish and sucking up to apocalyptic Christian Supremicists -- and seeing as I just saw a Storm Front post that reads " I desperately need to know if he is a Jew," perhaps he'd rethink his long career in rabble rousing before the glass starts breaking.

Can we compare him to the equally pathetic but less scary Anthony Weiner posing as "Carlos Danger?" What is it with Weiners anyway? Michael could settle the penile comparison with a picture, but please don't send it to me. All I really want to know is how close you can get to advocating armed insurrection before they lock you up or hang you.  I like to picture these tin horns sharing a cell with the skinheads they emulate, don't you? 

Newt has been howling at the moon himself of late but phrasing in in more metaphorical terms. He calls on Trump to "burn down the Bastille" as though we locked up their  sort instead of giving them jobs on Fox News and in the Cabinet. There were only 7 people imprisoned there on July 14, 1789 you know. There are far more blogging and bullshiting in America today,  behind microphones and keyboards not bars, but these vermin need to put on airs as though it could whitewash the shit stains or cover up the stink of their foul and criminal behavior. 

So rave on, you fake patriots, you vapid and vatic vermin. All the rednecks with all the shotguns wearing all the camo pants and homemade militia uniforms in the world won't help you when it all falls down.