Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I don't know any Russians

This is "Eclipse" built in 2009 for Roman Abromovich, a Russian oligarch and apparently an associate, or associate wannabe of our pretend president. Perhaps it's just that Trump owes him half a billion - you never know.
I took this while docked at Sint Maarten in 2012 from the neighboring slip. It's only the front half, of course. At 533 feet I couldn't get far enough away to get it all in the picture. Yes, it's that big and carries two helicopters, a submarine, three smaller yachts and has 24 staterooms. Yes, it's an ocean liner with a crew of 94 and it's now using the usual berth of another ocean liner now in Puerto Rico.
The Eclipse has just turned up in Palm beach so that the owner can have Thanksgiving dinner with our own oligarchs at Trump's Mierda-a-Lago. It costs the county about $70,000 a day when his dead beat Highness is in town, which expense, as is customary with Trump, he never pays. He now has a tab of about 3 and a half million with Palm Beach County. Good luck collecting. 
It costs something like a quarter million to join that elite club and about $7600 a month to belong. That's nothing for many of the members who enjoy the financial benefits of being close enough to the Thief in Chief to smell his farts. It's money well spent for those who thrive on the patronage of the president they own.
And Trump of course, learns a lot of things by having friends like that. Little tricks like registering your megayacht as a charter vessel even though you can't charter it to avoid property taxes. People at this level don't pay any, which is something to remember when your taxes go up next year while Trump eats caviar you pay for.
But we may never know the nature or the extent of Trump's association with the Russian mafia or oligarchy or with Putin himself. We're going to pay for it though. We're going to pay for it big time and if you were thinking at this point of telling me to give him a chance because he's "draining the swamp" Don't. You're the swamp.