Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meet you round the corner - in a half an hour.

I don't mind admitting that I love reading headlines about militant moralists and biblical bloviators being caught with their God-glorifying lips around something undeniably secular. Few things cheer me up as much as the hot water rising about such people as the head of the US Agency for International Development and former Bush administration AIDS coordinator who made such a fuss about abstinence and faithfulness rather than condoms. Randall Tobias, chairman, president and chief executive of Eli Lilly, and until recently chairman of the board of trustees at Duke. Who was that lady we saw you with?

Yeah, right - like pastor Ted Haggard's rod and staff being comforted by a homosexual drug dealer - it was "only a massage" says randy Randall. I'm looking forward to more good times as more of the ten to fifteen thousand names of Deborah
Palfrey's clients are published and I'm willing to bet that the family values pimps and abstinence/morality pervs are well represented. The hell with the Indy 500 -- bring on the Sleaze Bowl; this hypocrisy fest is my kind of event. Fellatio ad absurdum - bring it on.

Now your typical 20% lunatic fringe element Bush supporter will accuse me of creating a diversion so that we won't notice how well George is doing at making the world safer for his perverted plutocrat preacher friends who purchase the services of young upscale professionals, but I'm really not impressed that Democrats and Libertarians can be libertines too - they're not the ones with the blood on their Bible caressing hands at the moment. It's the traditional values hypocrites who want to dictate your sex life who are pestering the Congressional pages and indulging themselves in "
game-playing of a sexual nature at 275 dollars an hour for a 90 minute session" as Ms. Palfrey calls it.

I'm sure the list of Johns only runs so high up the Administration totem pole however. There is one anatomical prerequisite for such sport and neither Bush nor Cheney is suitably equipped.


Reign of Reason said...

The hypocrisy isn't even astonishing anymore.

But, as you, I enjoy revelings in these disclosures... maybe folks in the red states won't be quite as gullible next time around.

mrsleep said...

Is that session tax deductible?

Capt. Fogg said...

I'm sure it is deductible as long as the wife doesn't read the return too carefully. The Red states won't care too much as long as the people who received "massages" wax suitably biblical and shed tears on TV.