Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Straight talk

“It’s our hope that none of the threatened subpoenas is actually issued come Wednesday, since they all deal with yesterday’s news, or matters in which the would-be targets are cooperating fully with Chairman Waxman, or both. Regardless, we’ll be ready to help set the record straight on Wednesday.”

Thus spake David Marin, Republican Staff Director for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as quoted in Roll Call. I'm glad. You can always count on a Republican congressman to set the record straight, but as to calling the use of office computers to send political e-mails being yesterday's news -- that's a situational ethic, which means it's to be ignored when applied to anything they're guilty of. Evidence of this is the other tired Republican rhetorical technique of reductio ad Clintonum. Brian McNicoll, a spokesman for Republicans on the committee is threatening to go after Bill Clinton's e-mail records.

Somehow, the argument that some of the other kids were into the same mischief I got caught at never worked with my parents and I hope this pathetic excuse won't persuade many people that corruption and lawlessness are just business as usual and to be ignored - unless the Democrats do it. Today is Wednesday and we shall see how good Mr. Marin and his friends are at playing Twister, or setting the record straight as he prefers to call it. I'm waiting for our great steaming crock of truth a la mode Republicain to be dished up. Forgive me if I hold my nose while it's served.


mrsleep said...

Not to worry. Mr. Marin can threaten all he wants in his incredibly childish fashion (good call).

I just wish the Dem's were more focused and relentless. Pick your damn battles, don't spread yourself too thin, investigating too many things. Get on with some of the business of the country.

mrsleep said...

what happened to Mudgin'?