Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gonzo in the sky with diamonds

Look! Up in the sky - it's a bird - it's a plane - it's Alberto Gonzales! That's right, it's not enough to tap your phones and faxes and to read your e-mail and make lists of what you take out of the library or record video of you as you walk down the street; the Bush Administration wants to use super sophisticated, classified spy satellite technology to monitor what you're doing on your own property in your own home. Warrant? Probable cause? Don't make me laugh.

And meanwhile, back at the Surge. . . you know the surge Big Brother's media says is working so well because there was a momentary slowdown in suicide bombings? As many as 250 were killed today when 5 trucks blew up in a Kurdish area of Northern Iraq. Out of one side of his mouth, Major General Mixon tells us it's a typical al Qaeda trick to get us to turn against the war (has he noticed that we already have?) and out of the other side he calls it ethnic cleansing against the Kurds. Which is it? Do the Qaeda boys really give a damn about kurds as much as the Shiah or Sunni militias? Do insurgents and non-insurgents having nothing to do with Osama want us the hell out of the middle east? Does the continued slaughter of innocents mean we're winning or losing? Not hard questions to answer, General and none of the answers seem to lead to any of your twisted conclusions.

And now the death toll is at least 500

And CNN is still telling us it's ethnic cleansing but still has the fingerprints of al Qaeda. What it is is a continuing civil war with the fingerprints of George W. Bush. How's your surge progressing today George?


d.K. said...

These are intelligent people, putting this ridiculous spin on everything - Iraq, and they think the rest of us are asleep at the switch.

I note one day, some general says that al Qaeda is only 15% of the armed players in Iraq; the next day, Bush talks about fighting the enemy, "al Queda and other elements..."

We're being led by people in and out of uniform who are out of their minds.

Capt. Fogg said...

Sometimes I think they're nuts - other times I think they don't believe a word they say but are just gaming us.

NeoAuteur said...

I feel so bad for the Iraqi people. They used to live a tough life, but it has pretty much become unbearable now.

Capt. Fogg said...

The only difference between Iraq and hell is that in hell, all the people there deserve it.