Monday, August 06, 2007

Tancredo's hostage

When Tom Tancredo defends his statement that the best way to deter nuclear terrorism by al Qaeda against the US is to threaten to murder milllions of people in a place where al Qaeda is not, he's gone beyond ordinary Republican stupidity; the Bible worshipping madman is posing a threat to the people of the United States. He's handing a world that already hates us for our invasion of a non-threatening Muslim country one more reason to describe us as the quintessence of evil, and of course it doesn't make any difference that the State Department correctly identifies him as crazy. The damage is already done. We can denounce him, but the people who are spreading his sentiments around the world aren't going to mention the denunciation. The damage is done.

By holding Mecca Hostage
to prevent someone from Afghanistan or Waziristan using a nuclear weapon that they do not have is, like all hostage situations involving the innocent, worthy of the utmost contempt. Perhaps we would go further toward preventing a nuclear strike in the US by displaying Tom Tancredo's head on a pike?

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