Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poison food from. . .

Am I beating this story to death? Yes, I am because it deserves to die. Metz Fresh LLC of King City, California has recalled over 8000 cases of bagged fresh spinach after Salmonella contamination was discovered. This comes about a year after a similar case involving bagged spinach from California and in spite of allegedly improved precautions.

About 40,000 people get sick from this bacteria commonly found in American produced chicken and eggs and vegetables. That's about 40,000 more than have been made sick by Chinese fish or Mattel toys with faint traces of lead in the paint.

Obviously we should boycott everything coming from California.


expatbrian said...

I am enjoying your perspective on this issue but I must say, while I cannot recall ever getting sick from eating King City spinach, Gilroy garlic or Salinas artichokes, I do remember getting a little queasy one evening in Modesto after a dinner of Chinese takeout.

Seriously, I live in Singapore and am surrounded by all things Chinese including the food I eat every day, but the only thing that has made me sick is the antics of one American president.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Too funny Expatbrian.

I was in China two years ago, ate at some really dingy places and never got sick until hubby and I decided to eat at good old Pizza Hut.

Capt. Fogg said...

Of course I've eaten street food in China too: scary restaurants, fancy restaurants, in relatives' tiny kitchens in 5th floor walkups and never got sick either. I drank the water too - what can I say? What impressed me as how 90 year olds will just hop on their bicycles and ride across town without a thought. I don't think they're eating at Mai Dong Lao (McDonalds.)

For what it's worth, the best desserts are in the Muslim neighborhoods - never got sick there either.

I've been sick about a thousand times in Paris though and once pretty bad in London.

I'm also sick of how easy it is to make Americans hysterical and to send them off on a witch hunt without a thought about checking the facts.

d nova said...

hmm. i got sick in paris and acapulco. eating bush never bothered me.

oh, wait! that's not what expat meant, was it?