Friday, October 10, 2008

The horror

While I'm on the subject of the Republican hate culture, I have to show you one of the greatest monuments to purely irrational and vicious hatred you're likely to see. I picked it up at The Swash Zone yesterday. The clip speaks for itself really, and although I'm tempted to refer to historical, artistic and literary events and depictions, you don't need to hear it.

People you know, people you deal with every day, people you have no reason to suspect of being walking volcanoes of boiling rage and irrational resentment. Proudly ignorant minds filled with fantasies and fears and phobias to rival the undeniably insane: such people hate Barak Obama, hate Democrats, hate anyone educated, hate anyone they suspect of being smarter and Black. They hate what Sarah Palin and John McCain and the Republican Party tell them to hate.

Although I do believe there are enough of such quotidian monsters in any country to staff the camps and carry out the horrors of any mad tyrant, it's agonizing to see it in my country. It's painful to have to admit that this is my country and not just a gathering of demons.

But here I am expounding on what doesn't need to be interpreted. Just watch it.


Buffalo said...

You know, Captain, the hate mongering isn't confined to one side. It is as though we can't simply disagree with some one's philosophical or political beliefs. We have to demonize those who hold differing opinion.

More and more we attack the person, rather than debate the issue or belief. The statements become more and more vitriolic.

Very ugly stuff and absolutely counter productive. If someone is attacking me personally, there is not a chance in hell that I'm going to listen to anything they have to say - even if they have a valid point buried somewhere in their vitriol.

It bothers the hell out of me when they make statements not in fact. When they say something like, "I Hate America" Jimmy Carter, I want to bitch slap them. Not because Carter was a great president. The best you can say about his term in office was that he didn't fuck anything up badly. Considering what's come since, that comes close to making him great.

But branding him as a hater of America - it's stupid, serves no useful purpose, and there isn't one shred of evidence he is anything other than a patriotic American.

Sorry about running on.

RR said...

Ignorance and stupidity on display... How people can actually believe such things amazes me...

Capt. Fogg said...

This is certainly a polarized society and I agree - whether you're running for office or you just don't like someone, no accusation is over the top.

I recall a sequence of Gym teachers who taught us that winning is the only thing and that there are only winners and losers. I think when we buy into that, we're all losers.

But no, I don't know how people believe the outrageous nonsense, but believing without evidence is the highest virtue in a religious country.