Monday, October 27, 2008

October surprise

The ATF has announced that they have broken up a white supremacist plot to kill Senator Obama along with over a hundred black people in a Tennessee murder spree.

Who knows how far they would have got, but who knows what other evil lurks in the hearts of such people, stoked up on campaign libel and "Joe sixpack bigotry."

No comment has been obtained from Palin headquarters yet, as to whether these are some of the "real Americans she's been talking about.


d.K. said...

This thing has gnawed at the back of my mind for many months, and the questions you raise are very, very scary.

I know our recent history is so full of successful maniacs in their murderous quests, that this rarely mentioned threat (we hear all about Iran, Korea, Venezuela, and bizarrely, even Cuba often), but the greatest danger is the one you allude to here.

I worry about it every day. I hope our top people are doing everything to prevent an event that WAY too many Americans seem (suspiciously) unconcerned over.

Capt. Fogg said...

This country's history makes it a very legitimate concern and I'm really worried.