Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Capturing the flag

During the Bush years, I hardly ever flew an American flag from my home. Only for a period in 2001, did I hang it from my front porch as a gesture of national solidarity, but as it was during the Vietnam era, the flag became, after 2003, an emblem of support for war for war's sake. Don't get me wrong, I'm an emotional sap who gets tears in his eyes at war memorials, even those the public has largely forgotten, but today, I'm putting up the flag again and it's message is clear. It's veteran's day.


betmo said...

i heard from a relative yesterday that for the first time in his life- and he is significantly older than me- he is proud to be an american. there was a time when i proudly stood and recited the pledge and sang the national anthem- and i may get there again. america will have to earn my respect again. and i am hopeful that this go round- she will :)

Capt. Fogg said...

The one time I remember having nearly unlimited national pride was when Neill Armstrong stepped out onto the moon.

I don't quite feel the same thing about the rejection of the Republican junta, but I can hold my head a lot higher now. I can point to it and say: look at us - we're not all racists, we're not all stupid, we're not all war mongers and land grabbers willing to murder children for oil.

d.K. said...


It took a few days, but aside from pride and elation, I think above all I'm feeling a sense of relief, above all else.

I still have my Bush ticker -- and I won't fully let myself breathe that final sigh until 12:01 pm, January 20.


Capt. Fogg said...

A lot can happen between now and then though. Bush is busy selling off the balance of our lakes and rivers and forests to the devil.

Is that scorched earth I smell?

d.K. said...

EXACTLY. Funny, Clinton made a mad rush in his final days to "protect" the lands and waterways. Bush is using his final days to do the reverse.

Who on Earth is surprised by this?

Jan 20 cannot come soon enough.

Oh, and let's see how the last minute pardons are handled. Clinton was excoriated for pardoning questionable persons who were in no position to shield him from future scandal (in the legal sense). My money is that Bush pardons those who could ultimately "sing" such that he'd be a prisoner in this country for his remaining days. Just a hunch, but let's see where that goes...