Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Long day's night

Now it is election day and the rising hopes and the long road to who knows what. Before the date changes we will probably know whether the rage of the right has been able to overwhelm the national desire for a departure from the Republican juggernaut, with the lies, the slander, the invented scandals and fake outrages we've seen lately. Obama hates coal miners, Obama is a Maoist Muslim who broke the law by visiting his dying grandmother and Joe the Plumber says he hates Israel. I'm tired of hearing it, tired of arguing with demented idiots and religious ravers and condescending crackpots.

Of course we'll hear from them regardless of the outcome. Ideas and candidates come and go, but the ugliness of American politics endures. The gods themselves fight stupidity in vain, said Schiller and he was right. We're hardly as powerful.

I'm looking forward to being able to fly the flag again without being mistaken as a supporter of the worst administration in our history and its misbegotten war. I'm looking forward to an administration that at the very least will respect our constitution and laws and most of all will respect our citizens who have been living under suspicion and surveillance for so long. I'm looking forward to not being ashamed of my country's attitude and actions and of its crude, ignorant, egotistical and stupid President, but it's going to be a very long day.


RR said...

I just had lunch with a friend who works at a gun shop... Apparently the owner is stockpiling ammunition, food and water: he anticipates the apocalypse of Obama is elected.

"He's a Muslim terrorist who's been groomed to be president..." my friend says his boss has said.

Such is the mentality of the people who almost worship guns.

No matter who wins I think I'll still me ashamed to be pooled in with such incredible idiots.

Capt. Fogg said...

apparently the gun business is way up and most likely for just that reason. A tenet of the faith is that Democrats will raise taxes and take away all the guns.

The NRA, who once told us to vote for Katherine Harris because she was "pro gun" is saying the same thing about Palin.

Yes, I'm ashamed too.