Sunday, November 23, 2008

We used to pray for them, but it's all over now

Well the word is out on Main Street - Tim Geithner can't be trusted as Treasury Secretary because he is Jewish and Jews have divided loyalty. I was interested to hear that and not just because Geithner's family assures us he's an Episcopalian raised and married in that Church.

Is the phony honeymoon over? That the Republicans may be abandoning their pretense of being in love with Israel is a possibility. One perennial Troll at The Reaction called me "an arrogant Kike" for having asserted that no, Barney Frank bears no discernible responsibility for our global recession; but it's really too soon to tell if the frustrated masses yearning to breathe fire will switch scapegoats and replace witches, Liberals, illegal aliens and the ACLU as hate objects. Maybe they consider all those straw men to be Jewish anyway.

Of course it's hard to think of any immigrant group that isn't or hasn't been accused of divided loyalty in this nation of immigrants. John Kennedy stared down that bit of bigoted Waspery with grace nearly 50 years ago, but ask a Muslim -- hell ask someone who isn't a Muslim but has a suggestive name.

Of course it doesn't often occur except to cynics, that preaching the impending destruction of mankind and the dissolution of secular nationhood might be taken as a dilemma in as much as commitment to preserving the USA and praying for lakes of fire and brimstone aren't compatible, at least to me. I can't think of loyalty more divided than that of the Religious Right, promoting the Christian Bible as the foundation of the United States, rather than its secular Constitution. I can't help but think of divided loyalty when presented with a candidate who looks longingly forward to the destruction of our country and the flight of the elect to the Holy Kingdom of God in Alaska (no witches may apply.)


Intellectual Insurgent said...

I don't know about that. The Republicans and their Christian Zionist fanatic base are in love with Israel. Can't do enough to make its enemies America's enemies.

Seems our "elected leaders" have divided loyalties because they can't fawn over the foreign nation enough.

Don't you remember Palin's sickening "I love Israel so much" line from the debates? Made you wonder in which nation she was running for election.

d.K. said...

But it must give you some satisfaction that the coalition of neocon Jews, the preening Catholics, the spasmatic tongue twirling evangelicals, and the "white" Southern Baptists have finally realized that the Soviet Union is gone, and so they now have nothing more in common than to hate gays -- which, with a younger, more modern electorate, means that their 50.000001 Percent scheme won't work any longer in their plan to win power through contrived religious shared values. The few remaining "sane" folks who call themselves both Republican and conservative and are calling out this recipe for an inexorable demise are being tossed under the proverbial bus faster than you can say "Rapture...", and are quickly being burned at the stake, leaving an ever shrinking coalition vice the enduring majority that Rove predicted would endure for a generation. I'm deriving (inordinate) guilty pleasure in seeing that particular temple implode... If it were Shakespeare, it would be tragedy... instead, it's more like "karma". No? Praise be...

Capt. Fogg said...

Let's say I don't think Palin was being sincere in her love for Israel,(and yes, I'm being as sarcastic as I know how to be) which in the first place isn't nearly the same thing as tolerance for Jews or other heretics as first class citizens. Israel is simply a place to be used in the process of ethnic cleansing to make Jesus the Destroyer's job a bit easier. I'm sure she wouldn't object to some remote place where all American Muslims could be transported either, nor would most of her Crusading followers. It should be obvious that the terms Muslim and Terrorist are interchangeable in her mind, such as it is.

I would enjoy seeing a collapse of her kind of pseudo-Christianity myself, but I don't think it's going to happen and I don't think any of these people like Jews more than they like Gays, atheists, secular humanists, Muslims, intellectuals, Hindus, union organizers or anyone else who doesn't come from some small and small minded part of "real" America.