Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fox and Hounds

The Impolitic, one of my favorite blogs, asks us why "conservative" humor isn't funny and little more than gleeful gloating at the misfortune of people we secretly feel inferior to: empty mockery based on ignorance or false information. I can't really answer that, but Red Eye, Fox's "Me Too" attempt at cashing in on the trenchant, cynical and wildly popular comedy of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, is a cornucopia of examples. Red Eye is little more than a Punch and Judy show for the kind of "conservatives" who at an earlier time attended public whippings and executions in order to enjoy the plight of others being more humiliated than themselves.

In the eyes of Fox Fans, the supply of whipping boys and scapegoats they desire can't fill a Colosseum as large as Fox's and so they have invented and exploited domestic "Liberals" and "elitists" and have tailored cardboard images of foreigners as liberal elitist fodder for wild beasts comedians to tear apart.

Fox, the primary cheerleader for every dubious battle and misbegotten military enterprise needs cardboard cowards and so we have the Fox French and the Fox Canadians to pillory along with any other "surrender Monkeys" who doubted the long disproved reasons for our Iraq war.

The Canadians are easy targets for Greg Gutfeld and his creepy chorus. They're almost French after all. To those who don't know that the Canadians are in fact fighting in Afghanistan, Gutfeld and his monkey house mob must be as funny as a chimpanzee ripping off someones face. But of course the Canadians are there and have lost well over a hundred soldiers. In fact on March 17th, as Gutfeld was calling Canada "a ridiculous country" and another of his "comedians" was saying
"I didn't even know they were in the war. I thought that's where you go when you don't want to fight. Go chill in Canada"
4 more of Canada's brave youth were being brought home in boxes. It's funny - so very funny.
As funny as a bunch of apes sitting on a comfortable couch pretending to be mighty warriors and mocking the brave and the dead.

Of course it caught up with Gutfeld as these things so often do. Of course he gave a sneering "apology" and said, as people like him usually do, that he'd been "misunderstood" which is no apology at all, but an attempt to tell us that the people who misunderstood him need more of his mockery.

Of course Red Eye is a failure in progress. It isn't funny as much as it is creepy, embarrassing and to those with some awareness of reality, infuriating. If there is any humor in it at all, it's only the low and inadvertent humor involved in watching people grasping and gasping and drowning in ignorance and failure and too damned stupid to realize it.

See for yourself:


betmo said...

they aren't funny because they don't understand humor. they have no idea what the complexities of satire and sarcasm are because they are simple minded, ignorant, racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigots. and they have to use dictionary.com for any word longer than 4 syllables. oh, was that nasty? ;)

Buffalo said...

Good post, Captain. Kat did one on guntotingliberal.com and her Tapestry blog. You should read some of the comments left on GTL

Capt. Fogg said...

You can't be too nasty when talking about the sly old Fox's attempts at humor, Betmo.

I now remember why this gun toting Liberal doesn't go there any more. It's not the blog, it's the deranged, dishonest, dishonorable dimwits who latch onto any reasonable questioning of their precious party. True to form, every pet tactic they have used is attributed to anyone who questions them. It's liberals who can't take a joke when they say something outrageous or even seditious, but they foam at the mouth when the truth is told to them.

They can't be convinced, they can't be made to go away -- they have to be defeated every day, over and over again. They have to be thwarted, frustrated and excluded because they never learn, they never question. They're primitives.

Interesting how they make my point about attempts at humor though -- as if calling Obama "Ubama" were just hilarious to anyone without a prehensile tail. Just hilarious.

RR said...

Oh my god...

what a bunch of frigg'n idiots. how can they not know this is embarrassing.

Capt. Fogg said...

People have been commenting on the immunity to irony of Republicans for years, but it's a broader immunity.