Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Out of touch, off base and irrelevant

Well of course I'm a demented, deranged, hair-on-fire, crazy Liberal Kike, personally responsible for the economic debacle -- at least that's what some Rush Limbaugh supporters tell me and who am I to argue? I'm obviously "out of touch, off base, and irrelevant" in my displeasure with the Republicans -- just like a two thirds majority of America.

The Democrat, liberal, immigrant loving, freedom hating big spenders are taking the country straight to hell now that my fringe element minority of 65% has removed the thrifty, honest and morally upright Republican majority from control -- that is if the "terrorists" don't take over DesMoines and kill us all with flouride first.

Yes, that's right, Republicans stand for limited government, but not just yet, and markets so free they're lawless. They're all for the unlimited freedom to obey, for massive military spending without oversight, for massive transfers of wealth to offshore corporations -- without oversight; and so much do they believe in it, they are happy to listen to your phone calls, read your mail, intercept your e-mails and faxes and peek in your windows to make sure you're happy about it.

What are we going to do, now that they're gone? And how sad it is just when they were about to turn the Democrat sabotaged economy around with even more borrowing, spending and tax cuts for billionaires.

So anyway, when you read John Yoo's memo to Bush in Newsweek asserting that "First Amendment speech and press rights may also be subordinated to the overriding need to wage war successfully," you can be sure it's only the Jew-bastard Liberals lying through their long noses. Even so, unlimited power for the President is only another way of looking at limited government. Ask Rush to explain it to you.


mrsleep said...

You're a Quad.

Demented, deranged, decadent, Democrat.

I had an idea to pen a book driving to work today. In regards, to our Republican friends.

My title idea is F.O.S.

Baltazar said...

republicans are pack animals --- like hyena's

Capt. Fogg said...

Only nastier. I'd consider writing a book on them too -- it would be a very short book.

Really, listening to the CPAC thing was like watching the alligator pit at feeding time, growling, snapping and mocking caricatures of long-nosed Democrats, foaming at the mouth while pretending condescension and lofty detachment.

You'd never think Obama's popularity is soaring while Rush's is lower than Bush's and Bush lost an election -- big time.