Friday, March 27, 2009

War with the Newt

"Prophets are always disappointed dear Nostradamus. That's why new ones are always in the wings updating the catastrophes."

-Andre Codrescu-

One of the reasons that I changed my major away from Psychology many years ago had to do with some films showing real mental patients, including schizophrenics, in the days of straight jackets and padded cells. The mental state of these poor people wasn't what I wanted to be immersed in for the rest of my life. Little did I know. I haven't thought about it for 45 years, but recently, listening to the barking of Newt, St. Rush, Ann, Michelle and Laura the wild-eyed ravings of hysterical madmen come to mind again.

The latest is from the would-be-relevant Newt Gingrich, who is seeking to fill the power vacuum caused by the collapse of the Bush administration by issuing vacuous proclamations with reckless disregard to what his words mean. Seeking the authority of amplitude, Newt squeals out that Barak Obama, currently disappointing his most liberal supporters by being a centrist and a pragmatist, is leading us toward a dictatorship and "Liberal Fascism."

Analyzing such speech is probably pointless, since only those in a true fugue state need to have the ironic irrationality explained. Of course Newt isn't really schizophrenic and so isn't deserving of sympathy. He's just a witch hunter and like all of them, he invents the witches he uses to elevate himself to the powers he attributes to them.

Of course he'd like to make you think it's all about those vaunted "conservative principles" he pays lip service to while supporting bloated authoritarian government in the pocket of industry, (fascism) but as I've said many times, "principles" are what we call our most unworkable ideas. In the case of Newt, they're not even ideas he believes in. What he does believe in is the Big Lie and the oft repeated lie, knowing that the more outrageous his claim, the more it will be believed and that nothing is too ridiculous, unfounded, impossible or meaningless to be claimed. Hence terms like "liberal fascist" that combine contradictory words, yet even more ridiculous coming from a source that has more successfully promoted incestuous collusion between a military industrial complex and news media using false data, fabricated scenarios, illegal surveillance and other infractions against liberty and the law to promote their goals.

We will most likely hear more sirens wailing and more Newts and Cheneys and Limbaughs pumping up the volume and trying to convince us to re-elect the party that has robbed and raped us and left us lying in the ditch. The longer doom eludes us, the more prophets thereof will howl.


Cosa Nostradamus said...

Did I hear my name taken in vain?

Cheer up, Capt! We're working on some "Republican Jokes For The John."

Newt Gingrich is at his sixth wife's death-bed. She's pale and weak and he has no trouble removing all her jewelry, and getting her to sign a new will. "What's this, for, Command Master, dear?" his wife asks feebly. "Well, b*tch, I need your anus," the Speaker responds gruffly. "Your wish is my command, Master. But why?" the poor woman replies. "Aw, Hell, I can't get the librul media to chew me a new one any more! And I can't hardly talk out of the old one, now!"

TRUTH 101 said...

"The longer doom eludes us, the more prophets thereof will howl."

That's incredibly prophetic Captain. I can see 8 years from now when things are great and Obama is wrapping up his presidency these right wingers still claiming a holocaust of socialobamanism is just around the corner. Not much different from the over the edge religious fanatics that have been claiming Armageddon will be here soon. Like they've been saying for the past 2000 years now.

Capt. Fogg said...

That was Codrescu taking you name in vain. I would never do that. It's true though - give Newt a laxative and he won't be able to talk all day.

Right wing politics is a religion and it doesn't need factual support. There have been a lot of prophets of doom getting their flock out waiting for the apocalypse year after year after year with undiminished faith.

Cosa Nostradamus said...

I've actually lost a substantial amount of business from people who literally believe "the End Times are coming," because we have a black "socialist" President. They also have talk radio & FoxNews on 24/7/52, droning away in the background, even when they're asleep. Subliminal propaganda? Post-hypnotic suggestion? Sleep-learning? Big Brother? Whatever it is, it's working.

People like this seem to be willing the economy to stay in the crapper until the next election. Real Americans. The economics of fear, I call it. It's killing me, financially.

Capt. Fogg said...

I think we have to face the fact that most people are stupid and most people are at least a bit crazy; crazy enough that if you don't believe at least one ridiculous thing, they don't trust you.

Some commenter on another blog wrote that our country is going to fail because we're too godless and refuse to "kiss god's son"

This, in perhaps the most jesufied country on Earth.

Anyway, I wish they would just drink the cyanide and be teleported to the mother ship and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Yes, my income is in the toilet too

Cosa Nostradamus said...

Sorry to hear that. It's going around, the silver flu.

The Repukes deserve the blame for spreading & prolonging the doom & gloom. But I prefer to believe that the really hopeless *ssh*les are only 20% of the electorate. The rest are not so completely ignorant & delusional as to be entirely blind to their own interests. It just takes some education, and leadership: Two things we don't see much of in our political establishment.

Which is why I think we have no choice but to take over our local Democratic Party organizations, and rebuild the system from the ground up, without corporate input or control.

That's another reason why the corps don't want us to have too much money, leisure, education or information: We'd use it to put them in their place.

Capt. Fogg said...

There are many ways that the Democratic Party needs to be reformed. It's not, in my opinion anyway, only the feeding at the corporate trough, but the dominance of people with a mission to protect their pet passions without any concerns about whether they work, are misguided or create worse problems.

I don't like hysterical fear mongering in either party and the institutionalized paranoia is there in both of them.

The Democrats have to lose the image of being wild eyed, pants pissing cowards who want to ban any last vestige of freedom and make us all walk around (very slowly) in helmets and knee pads without pockets where we might conceal any dangerous nail files or paper clips we might use to defend ourselves against armed aggressors who didn't bother to read the bans.

Most of all we need to become a party that will give our full attention to serious problems and stop arguing over misguided Utopian visions of a soft fuzzy world full of safe, soft, fuzzy things. Non-Democrats see us as a million mothers against everything and there's enough truth to it to lose a lot of support.

Bush never would have won in 2000 if the Demcorats weren't seen as deranged safetymoms.